DJ Sash - Goodbye

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My kind of happy hardcore. Vox, insane beats, 9 strt hrs of wrk. its 7 AM, :( Review.vote



Doesnt seem to be happy hardcore, it's more like fast progressive.

Like the vox, it's nice.

And the simplicity of the octaves, just down 1 bar and back up, it's great.

DJ :: DeZ.

Rave4Yourself responds:

octaves? yep, lol.

"Doesnt seem to be happy hardcore"

:( i guess you could say its UK Hardcore, :D

happy hardcore's the old lame stuff, :(

UK Hardcore:

Impact and Resist - Drifting Away
Hixxy and Recon - Promised Land
Frisky and Hujib - Fires in the Sky
Scott Brown - Angel Eyes
Asa & S1 Feat. Lou Lou - Makin Me Wanna Dance

:D just a few, XD

Pretty deep, nice

Usually people mess up techno with vocals because they add too many effects to it or just make it annoying to be honest. But this one the vocals were really soothing and complemented the song the way they should. The lyrics themselves were nice too. Parts of the song seemed a little fuzzy or staticky, but meh it's probably just these headphones. nice job.

Very addictive.

Yeah... I'm hooked. Nice tune, man.

Rave4Yourself responds:


thanks dude. Vox suck tho, lol.


i knew i would run into you if i tried hard enough, i used to be known as oxxenking but i do have a newgrounds account, sup it's me fadeliss btw

Rave4Yourself responds:

Lol, ya i sorta realized that, :P

Whats up man? NG? Ya i saw you on here one day. O ya, lol, no duh, thats how i found your myspace, lol!

Anyway, we'll collaborateificate later, i got H-FRIKKIN-W to do, :(

:( x1000

Nice Sasha

Sasha, nicely done. This is a good song and i enjoyed listening to it.

Several comments though. First, i wouldn't have put both the vocals of the guy and the girl into this song. The vocals for both of them are two different styles. When i heard the guy in the intro i was expecting a deeper and more robust song, but then when it switched over to the girl it was smoother, had more finesse. I don't know if thats what you were going for, but to me it didn't seem right because i felt that i was listening to two different songs.

Also, i recommend toning down the volume on all the music during vocal parts. The girls vocals are great but i can barely hear here. You want her vocals to be the dominate sound in your song, so tone down the volume on the music during vocals and fade it back in when she isn't singing. I think that would have made the song a lot clearer and it would have delievered with more strength.

Also, just an idea. I think it would have been awesome if at one part you just completly faded the music out and had only vocals of the girl. Then cut her off for like 5 seconds of complete silence and BAM bust the music back in...just an idea though..

Overall, i enjoyed the song and i'm enjoying your CD sasha. Good work, but get some sleep and don't spend too much time on the computer.

Rave4Yourself responds:

Thanks ivan, i'll work on it. Ya the vox aren't placed right. I'll try and do that 5 sec silence thing too.

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