Roar( KP guitar cover )

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Well this is Katy Perry's Roar with Heavy guitar added and drums. Did this with an 8 string agile guitar. This is what happens when I get bored. And I made this simple. So all you technical people can settle it down.


You know, I've always wondered what would happen if Katy went Metal like how Taylor went full fuckin' pop (most of the widespread or radio-friendly pieces are this). It wouldn't improve sales, but it would be fascinating regardless. Most pop songs, when you think about it, could use a heavy metal cover (no need to change the tempo--that's the punk or thrash). In fact, the lyrics I hear from Katy actually lend themselves to metal pretty well--the tightrope between eerie and erotic--and she often sings frankly about topics like mental illness, interpersonal strife, empowerment. It's just that she sugarcoats her material with pop flavor to get it under the radar, which is probably why all the metalheads despise her--the secret of her success.

But I wouldn't get riled up. Frankly, most of the pop musicians tend to suck, but Katy was one of the first that I'd listen to. Maybe it's just because she's different-sounding from most pop or maybe that I've listened to the same five or six Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd tracks on album-oriented channels that I channel-switch. Yeah, I said that: I prefer listening to Katy over fucking Led Zeppelin. But think about inundation--what you listen to on the radio while driving or such and then think that the same few tracks by any band or musician will eventually hurt after a while.

So I say this with sincere respect: Katy isn't as horrible as we think. It's just that her format might be wrong. While most lady-fronted metal bands like Huntress (who's bipolar, which explains a lot about her sound and approach) or Evanescence land very few hits, you always have the Eurpoean Lacuna Coil/Nightwish crowd--a crowd which makes sense for Katy given her own ambition and scope. Everybody hates on pop stars for superficial reasons (popularity, unoriginality, shambles of a personal life, etc.) but don't forget that they're human and likely open to new ideas or ways to make a track work. They're never complacent by design--that's their environment talking, actually (the music industry).

But fuck yeah, metal! I think it's an unpolished in-a-few-hours piece, but I smirked. Might as well ask when you're going to submit practice tracks and make them downloadable again, 'cause I still want another good metal soundtrack for Doom (unless Newgrounds has some kind of new policy regarding playback counts and downloads, like their policy on playback counts when you want to nix the tracks from the catalog).

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Apr 10, 2015
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