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Author Comments

please listen and enjoy, i am

hmm, i think this (part 1 and 2) is some of the best stuff i've come out with.
again, i can't remember making it so this isn't egotistical but fuck me, if i still had the song files i would rework this sucker and take over the world.



Nah, it's great.

The beginning wasn't my favorite, a little bit too uhm, mushy, seems to serve little purpose but to trick people into believing the whole track will consist of arpeggios that make no apparent harmonic sense :P
I love that sentence I just typed.


it becomes very, very adorable after that. Kickass beat and swell vocals. Lovely jazzage in the rhodes chords, gives it a lot of melancholy and makes it lean a little towards Portishead - good thing IMO.

Yeah, lovely track again. You really have a great arsenal of instruments and use them really well. Post some lyrics in your reply though, I'm really curious what the hell you're singing about :)

5, download. Check my new track out too.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

respec the tjeerd,
for the record i hate that sentance...
lyrics -

i thought i told u not to put that up ur nose
coz 1 day u'll start flying

(the voice of drugs)-
good to see y'all here
i see y'all walkin around
i've seen y'all b4 now
and i can gaurantee i'll see y'all again

no matter what i say
i'll see u there again x4

through my hardened eyes i see, the glaze on one, crab hands on another
interspaced rushes, good vibe, no hushes
this i can love but the grab is one that i can't abide
if clocks weren't there and all societies cages
think about the image and what it so implies
travels would be undertaken daily, bonds formed strongly


u know just where ur headed next
balcony, a street, just not on me
and it don't matter to us anyway
if i lean on u, just lean on me

i'd just like to say er
thankyou all for coming errr
hope u had a good time
got really fucked
and errrr yeah

jesus christ i'm flying
no i ain't lying
pupils dilated like gates to hades
gief my shadeys
and pass my hat and my tie
i'm ready to hit the floor
so come and laugh at the fool
who's sketching out like a tool

and join me if u please
and don't u call the police
coz no 1 needs that when they're spooning out
so pass my hat and my tie
i'm ready to hit the floor
so come and laugh at the fool
who's sketching out like a tool

out of my way if u would


very nice

it's crazy; absolutely insane. and yet, somehow it seems highly accessible. The vocals are of much higher quality than I'm used to hearing on this site... very well done... definitely a possibility for the radio show... it's original, it's stylish, it's... it's just damn good. you get 5's and 10's, a download, and my intention to take a listen to more of your stuff.

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

ta, glad u liked it

Nice Piece =)

I have to admit, that it's nothing i would hear on a calmfull sunday evening , but I enyojed it (and dl't/fived of corse)

I liked the part with the rhodes most. (near end)
Also you do better work with the drum computer then me =)
BTW Is that your voice?

im gonna write whilst i listen

Well im liking the opening section, that thermin effect was good, and the iced strings underlying are really creepy. the beats top notch, some great glitching and banging pots and pans. there's loads of layers here man, old skool saws and squares are always cool when done well. it's when they dominate a tune it ruins stuff, you use em cool. the rhodes piano section is very nice too, with a breathy vocal on it. you always manage to get a great vocal on your tracks, crsip clear and concise.

it's a quality track this ped, reminds me a bit of something but the name isn't coming to me right now, a bit of massive attack and some aphex elements. again it's a very refreshing track, pleasing on the ears, as it keeps meandering into different places. this will promptly get my download when im back home, and i already voted it yesterday.




snoballandthmonyshot responds:

pitters, i love u

the troof

holy shit-awesome. great job, keep it up!

snoballandthmonyshot responds:

holy shit-thanks
oh btw, i want ur production skills aswell...(djpadman lent me the ability to fade out) maybe u could give me some uber intergalactic audio sensibility then i'd be l337.

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Credits & Info

3.59 / 5.00

Sep 22, 2006
5:59 PM EDT
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 48 sec

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