A Mad Karmic Stat Disc

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Sort of an acidy, idmish, dnb type thing happening here


man you're making me love this IDM style

I hadn't really heard of that genre of music until I came to newgrounds to be honest. but wow, this shit is REALLLY trippy. I love all the work here. the drums and synths sound great. once again, my mind boils think how someone would create this.

LJCoffee responds:

Sleep deprivation helps a little.

I'm glad you're able to appreciate something that's new or unusual to you. Most people shy away from anything alien to thier own preferences and I'm glad to know that there are still a few intrepid souls out there who'll give something different a try.

This stuff really isn't much different from other types of music - it just involves a few different techniques and a slightly different workflow.

Thanks again!

You´ve so many...

...plain out right weird songs, taht you somehwo manage to make good.
This song is a great example of that.

Really well balanced mix, and freaky sounds that makes this glitchy.
You´re one of the most talented audio artists on this site I´d dare say, that is if you can understand glitch :)
Loved the beat that came in in the end. A short sample of a slightly pitched up human vpoice going "ah", "eh" or something would have been perfect to fill it up even more and make it even weirder!

LJCoffee responds:


Thanks for the review - It's always nice to get a little validation from time to time.

I've had a few people comment on the lead synth - apparently it's not quite refined enough or something... no biggie - It wasn't quite exactly what I was trying for but it was pretty close to what I had in mind. That particular synth is going to be pretty cool when the author finally gets it done. Check it out at http://www.karmafx.dk/ - it's a pretty cool little modular beast.

Well... as for weird shit, I guess that's about what I'm good for. Thanks for the compliments!

I'll talk to you in mere moments I'm sure!

Im digging it

Always nice to see a quality artist with a variety of tunes. Very intense, some awesome beats. Congradulations on being the first person on NG for me too download every song from.

LJCoffee responds:

Wow - I'll take the compliment!

I'll get over listen to your stuff over the next few days - no time right now as I'm working atm)

Thanks again!

well then

i didnt like the opening, that acid bleep threw me right off. but as soon as the track kicked in it all came better for me, the beat is awesome, some fantastic glitching elements going on again. Again it feels rather sparse as a mix though i like it, the beat being the drive behind the tune. Its not one of your best imo, it just didnt stick in my head but its still a good track nonetheless. good stuff mate




LJCoffee responds:

Thanks man! - I've heard a few less than great comments on the synth - it was an early attempt with a new VST so I'm not too worried about it.

I like the sparse stuff personally - in fact, I think that's what most of my stuff it - I like to think it all has interesting percussion minimalist instrumentation and usually I add something along the lines of long drawn out pads or someo sort of textures ambience to fill in the dead spots behind it all.

Thank you!


but once again needs more.. less randomness and something to spearhead it forward.. what you have is good it just needs more :P


LJCoffee responds:

Damnit shawn! again with the "random" comment :D


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Sep 17, 2006
10:29 PM EDT
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