<KZ> Underwater Chills

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A chill, underwater-themed track. The successor to "Submerged Storm." Enjoy.

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Wow nice!

Nice intro with the sound effects, bass and drums. I think you should have more cymbal crash during the song, i can only hear it twice i think. I loved the echoed EP and all other synths as well.

This is a great song and i demand that you make more... but for now take care.
See you someday maybe :)

Pretty great!

It's a menacing sort of work but at the same time it keeps you wanting more. It really does give me a few underwater chills but at the same time I want to keep listening to it over and over. It gets me pumped up for some reason and it continued to do so when I played it in the Defend Atlantis game in which I heard it. Too bad it's really short. The beat is fantastic and goes at a steady, enjoyable pace. Awesome work!

Loved the song!

I gave it a 9 because the percussion wasn't crisp enough. It sounded like the mids were scooped and the lows were on 11. Other than that, it was great! Have you heard of Noisia? If not, that's how the percussion should have sounded like to get the full effect.

Kirizzle responds:

YES! YES MY GOOD SIR! Finally a review that ACTUALLY REVIEWS the song, I haven't gotten one of these in ages. I know what you mean with the percussion, I over-compressed the song and put too much output gain on so the drums don't peak and are muffled by the loud bass. I could have also layered and EQ'd my drum samples 'cause they were kinda bad to begin with. I dunno what you mean by "scooped mids" and the "lows on 11" part though, but I assume it means something like I put a notch filter smack dab on 800Hz with a wide Q, followed by raising the lows with the lo shelf knob. THEN I GUESS YOU'RE RIGHT! I think the song has some mids though... somewhere, but they are all over- or undertones, no synth plays predominately in the mids. Well anyway, glad you liked the song and I really appreciate the review.

Nice song!

I enjoyed it. The beats were very cool, the whole song was nice. The splashing in the beginning was also very cool. It gave an "oceanic" air to the music. It would be cool to hear it inside a submarine!
I really liked it. Keep making music here!

Kirizzle responds:

Woo, it's like the only underwater themed track on NG, which is why super-mario-bros and armor-games keep using it for their underwater flash games XD!