In Your Time, Always

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First draft of this song, audiophiles. I've got some producer's ear goin' on, so give me some advice on improvements.

This song is about being on the Lord's time instead of our own. Sometimes we get so caught up in this fast paced world that we need to stop and take a break from all the rush and do things the way God wants us to. Everything's in His hands, so even though it may seem like things aren't going the way WE want them to, maybe it's because we aren't looking at things the way we should.

Take a breather. Have a sit down with God. Read your Bible and meditate on what God wants for you.


Take your time. Take your time, Lord. I will wait on You.
Take your time. Take your time Lord. I know you'll see me through.

Slowly rolling.
Feeling fine.
Feel out signs of grace.

Can't help but feel You're close to me.
I won't be shaken like a leaf.

Slowly rolling.
Feeling fine.
Feel out signs of grace.

See your picture
come together.
In Your time, always.


Thoughts while listening:
Ooooo...theramin sounds! And actual vocals! Very relaxed sound, nice ambience...Don't like the low vocal on "I won't be shaken..." sounds stringy. Nice spicing on the "Take your time..." vocals. Tricky to mess with .wav files like that. I've tried myself, and they always screw up on me.

Thoughts after listening:

Well, I'm an atheist, so commenting on the content would be counter-productive...I have no intention of making enemies when we're all just musicians saying what's important to us. So I'll go on the technical side.

Some Improvements:
-I'm not big on the organ sound (first instrument heard). Sounds a bit too retro to fit in the futuristic/techno soundscape presented.
-Vocals were a bit shaky in the bass-range. Personally, I find this happens when I'm trying to go to low, too loud. I usually whisper bass vocals, and record with a Meteor Mic really close. That way, I can get the volume without sounding like a slowed-down Mickey Mouse.

Some Good Things:
-So refreshing to hear vocals! Damn, I've been reviewing tracks all day, and yours is the first one to include a vocal at all! And you sang them well.
-Loved the theramin-type lead you had going on there. People should play more theramin. Especially me. By which I mean I want to get a theramin. Don't know if that's what you used, but I liked the sound anyways.

Overall: Screw the people who don't give a proper review in the R4R thread. We're here to help eachother become better musicians, not take without giving first!

4/5 R4R



Rahmemhotep responds:

That first synth is a rhodes. I use dated sounds all the time, mostly because I'm dated (beside the fact that rhodes/wurlitzers are extremely common in this genre). I really am not sure how you get a futuristic feel from this considering the instrument selection, but aight.

Vocals shaky on the bass range...? I go lower than that, easily. I sang them quietly and was allowing my voice to creak on purpose for a specific effect.

It was actually REALLY hard to do the chorus high, cuz my voice kept cracking and going off pitch due to singing so quietly (had to record several times). I also didn't want to use vibrato on the high vocals as I hadn't on the low take, but I couldn't help producing a vibrato a couple times, so I stuck with it.

Had a listen through around three times with a combo of Studio Monitoring Speakers, Small Hifi Speakers and consumer headphones for different listening perspectives.

I genuinely like the synth-work you have designed and used in the track. The quirky leads and the chilled out pad/back synth which aids the track at the beginning of your bars sounds pretty retro, the kind of sounds one would hear coming from a Minimoog, a Jupiter or a CS-80. Just the right amount really, no more or no little, it's a nice balance overall as a chillout piece.

Your drum samples used within the track work fine to aid moving the track along and establishing a beat. Mixing-wise, you should experiment with making it around 1-2db louder as I found it abit more difficult to distinguish on the consumer headphones and the Small Hifi speakers (while popping just fine through my ADAM's).

The vocals have a characteristic edge which sound different from the usual clean vocal work that I've heard from other musicians composing similar-styled pieces in the past. By all means it's not super perfect but it just works so well overall for this piece. it goes so well with the retro-esq sounding synth work and the added glitching in select parts works nicely. Throughout careful listening, I'm still trying to figure out towards the chorus if the vocals are double tracked or if you've added pitch-shifting/chorus to it? I'll figure it out hopefully upon one or two more listen through's :P

The overall mix you shouldn't worry about too much, it's pretty decent overall for the chillout theme you are going for. If you could comfortably extend your lower end frequencies out so it sounds more present but rolling smoothly then that would be a plus. Maybe abit of extra 'colour' on the high end lightly with a Tube Exciter plugin could yield a slightly nicer result depending upon experimentation. Consider giving it a shot, I'm 50% certain it will sound slightly better haha.

Yeahhhhhhhhh, overall it's a pretty good chillout piece, I'm most impressed with the Synth work and anything I could really recommend to you I've already mentioned above. 4.6/5 ^_^

Rahmemhotep responds:

Most of the time my synths are just tweaked presets, 3xOsc or samples/soundfonts that are so filtered/washed out/effected that you can't tell what it used to be. I'm actually not that into synth work, which, coupled with my background, probably explains why I tend to stick to sounds that remind me of the 90s and 80s.

I have to rerecord at least one vocal part of this song and possibly another due to being off key. When I started doing this kind of music I found out that my horrible mic actually picks up my vocal signature better when I sing softly (used to screaming into it and whatnot, hah), so I was actually sort of forced into this vocal style.

DURING the chorus I have two of me singing, but the verses right before and right after the first chorus have a flanger on them.

I did not know what exciters were until I read this review. Could be rather useful.

Thank you for the review!

EDIT: Forgot to mention that I agree on the drums. They're pretty quiet samples and they're turned all the way up. Gotta edit them or something.

First, i can totally understand the experimental tag lol. I really dig how the vocals sit in the mix, it gives it a haunting tone. The synth choice are on spot, they really help to set the atmosphere. I Feel that the panned arpegy that comes in the chorus could be slightly less panned, the balance of the track is pretty solid until that point, i feel that if you pan it from left to right or double track it, it would sound better.

Aside from that, solid track, good job!

Rahmemhotep responds:

Didn't think of that. Will have to see how it sounds. Might be a good idea.

Thank you for the review!

Christian dubstep?
Reminds me of stuff Moby used to do

Rahmemhotep responds:

How in the world did you get, "dubstep," out of this? I don't make, "dubstep." It's juvenile.

Moby is great stuff. Being compared to him is a compliment!

Very relaxing. Love the lead at 00:18. Vocals are pitchy, but that fits the tone of the piece. Sounds like a mix of Lorde and Deftones. I can definitely get used to that. :)

Downloading and sharing!

Rahmemhotep responds:

Not sure what pitchy means, but I do have to re-record the 'See your picture' verse due to not hitting the note on 'See'.

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