for Emily

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A soft to loud piano piece, dedicated to a friend


Cool, but it's basically ALL LOOPS.

This song is very nice and expressive, but for me songs lose points (in the review, don't worry, I'll never zero-bomb anything) when they just use


especially for a solo piano piece where no other arrangement is added. I just think it's a bit too much of simple click'n'drag to really merit being shared on here.

However, that said, since all of the loops are great, the song is great as a result. So, points for that.

The review below talked about "clipping" which you didn't understand - what he means is that the volume levels are "clipping," as in, they are going over the threshold of volume (into the red) and giving you distortion. All you have to do is lower the volume of the track in whatever program you used, Garageband I assume, then make a new MP3. If you see the volume metre jumping into the reds often, and you hear the distortion on the piano, then you've gotta lower the volume until you have no clipping. There other, better ways to maintain volume and avoid clipping, but they are more advanced and probably can't be done in Garageband anyway.

Cool stuff!


Very good music. You really oughta put some time into getting some more song on here. The only thing bad about this is the clipping which I didn't hear in the other songs.


You said : *The only thing bad about this is the clipping which I didn't hear in the other songs*.

I really don't know what you mean... But uhh thanks for the review


I used this for a flash, as you can see, lol.
But anyway, this was really a good track, looks like your only one, you sould really submit some more ;D

It's really quite a deep peiano sound so I had to not use it as loud, lol. But that's somthing that can be changed quite easily.

Other than the volume of this, I really liked it P:

Keep it up.



Very Nice.

First of all thanks for reviewing my song. Secondly this song is really good. I like the jumps you make from loud to soft and the different styles you use. As some parts have almost a ragtime kind've feel while others have a rock feel to it. Excellent overall.


Cool , thanks :D


Nice and unique piece!

Hm... it's a recent tendency that many audio artist submit a solo piano piece to AP but the most of them are uploading sad, relaxing, gentle or some epic pieces.

But this is some way other and I haven't heard this kind of emotion in music these days: your music is full of energy, happiness and funnyness. I think this is missing from todays music - and you catched this emotion really well. I could easily imagine a silly, funny but nice girl to these chrods. Really good job!

So the melody and the structure of the song was absolutely ok. But I think you should be more aware of the volume level. Some parts were too loud - this makes a distortion in the sound and reduces it's enjoyability.

But besides this it's a great song. There should be more like this I think. It gives energy and happiness the one who hears it. Congratulation for this one. Keep them coming!


Wow thanks for the review, you made my day :D


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Sep 10, 2006
2:07 AM EDT
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