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Short? A new genre? Uploaded at 3 AM on a Monday morning? It can only mean one thing.

I'm having another Song Week!

We get a week off for Chinese New Year here, and it seems a shame to waste it. So, I'm going to use it to basically catch up with almost all the songs I'm supposed to do! They won't all be as well-produced as this one, though. They might be crap - last time, I often wrote songs and uploaded them in under an hour. But, for this week at least, quantity over quality!

For some reason, when I work with Logic, no matter how much gain I add or how loudly I try and mix the instruments together, the volume still comes out around the same, and it's always a lot quieter than lots of other songs. Is this happening to anyone else? Some help for this problem would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks for listening and hope you enjoyed!

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A Great Song As Always! :P
nice n Smooth

LunacyEcho responds:

Thanks for listening! 'Smooth' has been an adjective commonly used to describe this song. I have no idea why. :)

Wow, that's great! Song week for you happens to correspond with February vacation week for me! >:D I love the quirky instruments and the blissful mood. At times, the intervals between the notes in the melody seemed a bit odd, such as at 1:05. Also, the melody instruments seemed really loud to the point that it drowned out the back-up melodies around 1:10-1:25 a lot. Also, the drums in this piece are pretty simple and weak. However, I like the structure of this piece and the sense of climax it has throughout. Nice job making it conclusive at the end, too. Also, the mastering is clearly better in this piece than most of your other tracks, even if the balance is a little off. I think you should devote more time to finding your way around Logic. Anyway, nice job overall, LunacyEcho! :D

LunacyEcho responds:

=> February vacation week =>

Aww, I thought I was special. ;)

=> intervals =>

Wait, which intervals? The timing between the notes or the difference in pitch? It was probably the timing, since there wasn't any daring pitch stuff done at 1:05. Yeah, to make these melodies, I just noodle around on the typing keyboard. I don't actually double check 100% of them. :P

=> drums =>

You know, the drums are actually a LOT more complicated than you can hear. I spent a ton of time on them, but then they got drowned out in the end because I also wanted to raise the volume of the guitar which I was proud of getting a semi-realistic sound out of. :( Choices, choices.

=> structure =>

Thanks! Making interesting structures has been another goal for the songs I put effort in during this project. Glad to see I'm getting better!

=> mastering =>

Haha, thanks!
What's mastering, again?

=> Logic =>

Well, it's a pretty interesting software, and so far - wait. Tainted... Logic. Wow, that took me a while.

Thanks for the review! Have fun during your week off! :)

Despite you seeming to like Garageband, I've got to say that this is an instant improvement of instrument quality. That' or you've simply produced it very well. It's just so chill and warm to listen to .(I now love that oxymoron-ish sentence I created, and will claim copyright). This sounds a bit unlike some of your other work, apart from the bass and percussion. The melodies are somehow different (even though it's possible to hear some of your style in it). The melodies are still great though, if not even better than usually! Especially between 0:51 and 1:27. Spendid compositional transition at 1:07 :O! Same thing at 1:24 (I don't know why this one reminds me of the Futurama opening o.O). It's the chords borrowed from another key which sound so sweet!

Another song week seems great. Although the quality may not be the best, it's fun to listen to. Especially for a guy like me, who values composition more than production (though it's a very important aspect as well).

The low volume? I have a similar issue with Cubase. Well, I could upload things with more volume, but there'd be lots of clipping. Still, there are people with much higher volume and no problems. I wonder if an external soundcard could fix this :/ Either way, I'll probably get one eventually.

LunacyEcho responds:

=> instrument quality =>

That's because I'm using Logic Pro! I haven't actually used Garageband since 'Birdland', I think. I still support it immensely, and I've got a few unfinished projects in it I might release after this is all over.

=> chill and warm © =>


=> melodies =>

Don't you hate when people compliment you on your melodies after you've secretly stolen the airplane "fasten seat belts" jingle? Okay, fine. It's also from garlagan's 'Impulse'. But the thing is, 1-5-3 is such a catchy, simple melody that I'm quite angry that people in garlagan's comment box compliment him for it. It's not original! Just fly in an airplane and you'll realize! If I had a blog, I'd rant about this (although I have, like, ten defunct ones).

=> 1:07 =>

*looks around nervously*

(I just basically did what DuttonsaysHI does in every one of his songs and changed to the minor of the tonic for the final bar with emphasis on the 6th in the first half and 7th in the second. I even used the same transitional melody he always does. Shhhhhh.)

=> 1:24 =>

EVERYTHING reminds you of the Futurama opening. :D

=> composition over production =>


=> clipping =>

See, I don't even know how to upload things at a higher volume WITH clipping. I'd be glad just to know what's wrong with it.

Thanks for the review, LSD! It's been a while, but maybe I'll be seeing a lot more of you this week. :)

Smooth playing I actually think I'm getting some light reggae.

LunacyEcho responds:

Gee, thanks! Must be the steel drums. :D Thanks for listening! Although none of it is actually me playing. But it is me organizing the MIDI instruments!

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Feb 15, 2015
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