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Gone (For Now)

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Author Comments

So, here's a song that I spent a while writing for one of my friends, based on <a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YHT-yNNzadc">this</a>.

It's definitely much more of a step up in production from the six songs I posted earlier this year (still having nightmares about some of them)! Hopefully, this means I can put a bit more effort into the rest of the songs I write for the all-genre project.

Thanks for listening!

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Cool! I like the gruff bass at the beginning. The drums were pretty good, although I think you went a little overboard on the crashes. XD Also, the kick starts playing some bizarre rhythms around :45 that make this piece a little confusing to listen to sometimes. I liked the progression and the creepy vibe, though. That melody at 1:43 is just haunting! :O The percussion after around 2:00 was creative, albeit a bit loud and very up-front in the mix. It's repetitive, yet you manage to keep my attention pretty well. There are a lot of subtle changes, which I like about this piece. Nice use of reverb and effects, and I liked that synth at 3:05. I think you captured the old-school hip-hop vibe pretty well (based on my extremely limited knowledge of hip-hop), but I'm not sure this would classify "modern hip-hop." I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but it might even be good for a videogame...I really don't think that's what you were going for though. Also, the ending was done a bit lazily. It could've at least looped. I've been tough on you in this review, though. It's a really interesting, catchy, and unique piece. Keep at it, LunacyEcho. ;D

LunacyEcho responds:

=> gruff bass =>

Wow, that's a pretty cool term!

=> crashes =>


In the original file, they had heavy reverb. Then, I realized the whole piece would benefit from higher reverb, so now the crashes have double reverb. Whoops.

=> bizarre rhythms =>

Yeah, it's not my normal style of music, but I was really trying to emulate the song linked in the description.

=> synth at 3:05 =>

Thanks! I think it's actually one of my better custom synths.

=> limited knowledge of hip-hop =>

I assure you, my knowledge is probably as limited, if not more. For genres like these (ones I'm not familiar with), I either base it off of a song in that genre or do a cover of a song in that genre. It's not the best solution, but it's probably all I can do. :/

=> ENDING =>

Yeah, I really should've done a better ending. But, my friend wanted a song that was 3:20, and the original song ended in a similar fashion, so... Yup.

Thanks for the review in your busy schedule! :)

Whoop Whoop. You managed to make something that doesn't really feel that Lunacy Echo-y. Hau u do dis?

Anywho. This isn't really my favorite genre. That said, I think you did a splendid job. The percussion is very interesting o.O The bass is good, even if it starts of being pretty basic and is a pretty repetitive.

The production however, I'd say is top notch! I love the effects on that piano (Is it based on a synth vst? If not, you did an even better job. It sounds like a tremolo effect to me [although it could be a heavily modified vibrato]. I like how there isn't too much of it; just enough) :D

My favorite part is the one that starts at 2:26, as it sounds so mysterious :)

Either way. Great job! This is not an easy genre imo XD

LunacyEcho responds:

=> doesn't really feel that LunacyEcho-y =>

Great! :D I was trying really hard to try out a lot of new things for this one. I think the chord progression and the way it's used at 1:02 is pretty 'me', but I did try a bunch of different effects and techniques to do stuff this time.

=> bass repetitive =>

Yeah, what'cha gonna do? I bet it'll sound better when my friend adds his vocals to it.

=> piano =>

Actually, it's a custom sound! It's a piano layered on a pad, with an auto-filter set to 1/16t. Half the time spent making this song was just experimenting with different effects like that. :P

=> 2:26 =>

I've always found breakdowns pretty awkward to make. Glad you liked it!

=> not an easy genre =>

Good thing I had a model song to guide me through, no?

Thanks a lot for the review! :)

I like it!, however i don't know if its just me, but some of the kicks were a tad offbeat in my ears :P
still, overall good job

LunacyEcho responds:

Ah, the offbeated-ness of the kicks - to mimic the offbeat sound of the song linked in the description, the kicks were quantized to 1/8th triplets! It's definitely not conventional, but I hope it adds a bit of uniqueness to the track.

Thanks for commenting and listening!

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4.40 / 5.00

Jan 25, 2015
4:43 AM EST
File Info
3.9 MB
3 min 24 sec

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