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Ling Kano's Fighting Show S3

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Author Comments

Front paged! Thank you! I hope you people like it.

This is the third version of Ling Kano's Fighting show.

I upload this as a new version because it has some significant changes compared to the earlier versions.

The most notable change is that:

SoundChris performed the Er Hu on this.

Also I changed the base guitar and organ sounds, and made a lot of mixing adaptations.

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* This is an official 2017 NGUAC review *

Overall, really catchy and fun. On to specifics...

Mixing, Mastering, and Production: Generally speaking the whole mix was pretty nice, just a few things I'll nitpick.
The bass guitar is a little muddy - it would sound much cleaner if the mid-low frequencies were downplayed a bit. There's a careful balance to be woven there, as those are some crucial frequencies for bass. But as it stands the bass guitar sticks out of the mix a little too much, and not necessarily in a positive way. You can get that same focus on the bass guitar and have it stick out of the mix (as it's doing some cool stuff I wouldn't want to not hear) by upping its higher frequencies a bit. You could listen to some modern hard rock for inspiration here...I think Nickelback's latest stuff has some really solid mixes, especially when they showcase the bass guitar.
Some of the drums are pretty obviously virtual...the hi-hats and tambourine could be a touch crisper and reverbed a bit better to fit in with the rest of the mix. I could've also enjoyed hearing some more volume in the snare.

Pretty much every 'auxiliary' instrument sounds really great. All the little effects and touches here and there work very well. My right ear has a little bit of fatigue, however- there's a lot of stuff panned to the right side throughout the song. Main guitar melody, tambourine, strings, etc. What really seals the ear fatigue is the bass guitar which sounds out more to the right ear than the left. Having those constant mid-low frequencies on the right ear gets pretty draining.

The mastering is pretty solid; most instruments are clear and come together well. There are no big volume problems (just a little drum stuff as mentioned above).

Composition: Really great melodies, really solid harmony and texture. Everything sounds full and complete at the big parts, and quiet but still clearly there in the quiet parts. The blend of instruments is also great; they're unique and work together well.
There was nothing WRONG, per se, with how the piece is structured, it just didn't wow me in any way. The structure serves its purpose but I was never caught pleasantly off-guard by it.
My only other points in composition came from what I heard as missed potential in some of the chordal stuff. In the main sections with the guitar melody going with the bass counter-melody you mostly went between two chords, but I so clearly felt in my heart the progression wanting to move more. It may be a personal style choice, so I didn't mark much off for it, but maybe something to keep in mind. At 2:20 when we have some chord switches it was a really great moment - made more so by the bold strings coming in!

All in all, a fun and unique track. Super looking forward to hearing what you come up with in the KO round!

Super nostalgic! I love everything you guys did with the song that guitar and strings is a really nice touch.

SourJovis responds:

Glad you like it! Thanks for the review!

Quite nice! I love the guitar.

I almost bought an erhu several years ago. I bought a violin instead. Way to go mainstream. Haha.

SourJovis responds:

Thank you. Too bad you didn't buy the Er-hu. It's quite a nice instrument. You could've performed on this track. SoundChris' Er-hu sounds good, but a real life one would've been even better.

Violin is a great instrument as well. More versatile. It's still less common than piano or guitar, so not that mainstream.

I'll keep in mind you play the violin for when I need a solo violinist.

Went back and checked the old ones, and it's really cool to see how much the original composition has been improved upon. Love the way it's mixed compared to the old one, and the new erhu SoundChris brought in sits better in the piece than the older versions.

The drums and bass sound familiar. Speaking of which, I like the attack on the bass. It keeps that funky slap-like sound from the original intact.

SourJovis responds:

Thanks! It's strange how I ever thought it was finished. Maybe it still isn't, but this is the best I can make it at the moment. I hope new songs I make will immediately like this, so it doesn't take over a year of improvements to finish it.

Sound Chris' did a great job indeed. I don't really have Er Hu samples myself. The old Er Hu was just a very distorted string section, that acted like an Er Hu (with the legato and all).

These drum samples I got for free when I updated Reason halve a year ago. I only use these drumsets since then. Mainly this particular preset called harder harder. Though I've changed it a lot, to make it even harder.I've changed a lot in the mixing and added lots of distortion, compression and other effects.

The bass is a sample pack by Shreddage. Before I got it I didn't realise it would only be a pick-bass, but it works for this song. The early bass was fingered, with a lot of slaps. This pick-bass has that slap-like quality as well, but I had to boost a lot of the highs to get it to sound like this. I still like it better than the early bass. This one sounds more life-like.

Credits & Info


4.34 / 5.00

Jan 23, 2015
11:54 AM EST
File Info
6.5 MB
2 min 52 sec

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