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-:: Awakening ::-

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Author Comments

This piece will be lighter in compare to the other 3 pieces. Especially with different style. More gentle and emotional.

First half is string and piano. 2nd half is a surprise! :)


Have nice weekend, enjoy!


The chief's son's eyes are now open. The robot wasn't the monster he had thought him to be, but there is a new evil endangering the tribe. Ships have converged over the planet, the robot's masters. They tracked him here. To fight would be futile and the new found friendship is tested as they fight alongside one another. Machine and Tribe are now comrades fighting the landing troops.

Woo! Exciting works :)

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Everything on this album looking great so far. This track has very subtle similarities to The Last Samurai OST, which I enjoyed immensely. Music is a tough gig... wish you success!!!

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Agitat0r responds:

Thanks man.

First of all, kudos for composing such good music so often for us to listen to. I love hearing new content, especially on Newgrounds.

As for the track itself, I think it has once again its own unique style, your own unique sound to it. The overall feel and mood of the track sounds hopeful to me, and yet tricky in nature, even science based. I imagine an awakening of a century old being that sees the world a new, changed and begins to understand why it has happened as he explores the world.

Now the motif itself is very grounded, and sounds consistent throughout, as notes flow from one to another. I love the clarity of the violin(I presume) and the addition of the double bass along with it, which brings a smooth texture to the sound. The piano is a great touch and lightens up the piece.

The slight change in mood at 0:53 and beyond is welcome, and prevents repetition from getting in the way. The build up is not to sudden, and the overall mix of the instruments is good. The reverb on the french horns and the string section is well balanced, and really sounds like a real orchestra is playing the composition.

The new motif from 1:55 is magnificent, and enjoyed the unique panning effect, the build is smooth and the additional instruments really help for this section to stand on it's own. The melody at 1:48 is splendid and has a nice rhythm, the overall feel of this section gives a sense of grandeur and exploration.

Now, for the criticism. I think that the piano itself sounds a bit too forward, especially at 1:36 and beyond, which I think could be brought down a bit, or have a bit more reverb applied to it.

At 1:57 to 2:47, I think the panning effect could be reduced a bit as to me it sounds a bit weird, but I am listening on my Sennheiser HD201 headphones, so I presume it would sound different for speakers.

I also want to add that at 2:59 to 3:32, the strings sound like they change in dynamics too much, and are being brought forward sometimes compared to the other instruments, I recommend balancing this section out a bit more, or if you have compression applied, reducing it a bit, as orchestral music, even mixed with electronic instruments, should have dynamics, albeit controlled, slight compression is always fine. Although this might be once again a rendering issue from FL Studio, due to inadequate processing power.

As a final note, I believe the ending could be handled more amicably, it feels too sudden. From my perspective, I suggest either a gradual increase in volume for the string melody until the final note, with more reverb applied to them so the last note fades out in the end, or every instrument fades out as can heard in the end, but the electronic instrument keeps playing, with a few final notes in the same key, or slows down in tempo using the tempo automation management system in FL Studio.

Overall, I think this is a great track, and is something different from what I usually hear, it is gradual, and always changes, while still staying relevant. Keep making music, you've got real talent. :)

~Grandvision Studio~

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Agitat0r responds:

Wow, I was totally missed out this response! I'm sorry for this man! Your ideas and suggestions definitely great helps for me in fixing this piece.

Thank you for your amazing review! And I'm sorry again for missing out this review!

Interesting use of the piano. It works very well! Strings are amazing as usually. I like the fact that you're definitely not afraid of using silence as a tool either. I should really use silence much more often!

I like how all your latest songs tie very well together. Some of the things are very similar, while still being different. What a soundtrack your album would make...

I really like what's happening at 1:55! I don't even know what intrument you're using, but it sounds awesome o.O
I've noticed that you as well are amazing at rhythmic aspects! One of my weaker spots.
Man you've got me inspired... Too bad I don't have the energy to cook something up right now, and my neighbors would be disturbed too (it's past 05:00 am :p).

The abrupt ending is a nice touch. It doesn't feel incomplete at all. Awesome job, once again ;)!!

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Agitat0r responds:

Thank you for the review a lot. :)

The instrument at 1:55 is a synth guitar. Thank you again for your reviews.

This is a great piece. The beginning slower section was good. The only thing I didn't really like was how long the upbeat part at the end went on for. The rhythm just kind of wore on me after a while, but that being said, I appreciate the time and effort it took to add new layers to that rhythm to keep it interesting.

The Section from 1:15 - 1:30 was very interesting. I liked it a lot.
The brass at 3:15 was incredibly triumphant. lol It was great.

The last section just seemed kind of long winded.
There was a note on the brass around 3:20ish that seemed loud and a little out of place.

Overall you have a great song. I enjoyed listening to it. Keep up the good work! 8/10

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Agitat0r responds:

Thank you for your review! Those problem will be fixed in final version. Thank you again for your inputs!

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4.76 / 5.00

Jan 18, 2015
12:35 PM EST
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