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Red7 - Temptation

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Author Comments

This has to be the most spontanious song I created. Other work had to wait for it heh.


Diamond Quality Music for sure!!!

Hope u don't mind some reading...
Yea u just dont cease to Amaze , all the previous Review's Complements is absically what I had in mind to say hehe. I also wonder how one comes up/makes such AMAAAAZING music for the audience to Listen to.... this is the kind of thing that makes me wanna start Techno Making!
Repetitiveness? well Most of the GOOD Real Club Tracks played in Night Clubs "ARE" repetitive, and this is like not repetitive compared to those, which is like an extra level above them!, I think these are the type of techno that should or PERHAPS will rule the CLubs in the future!
To make non-repetitive Music Must be much harder than it seems so when it comes to repetitiveness, I believe this one can slip ;D
I can no doubt just imagine people Raving to this in Night Clubs and people going Crazy and start Dancing to this amazing track out of pure emotion/feeling
The vocal gave this Track the Extra Zing it needed :)
You shall be one of the people on my NG Music Creator legend LIST :D
All Hail to the Rein of Fruity Loops!!!

There better be No fa990t “0” voting (no back up sh!t reviewers) that ruin your godly pieces of works
The Synth, melody, bass, vocal, drum, everything was just put together supremely!

From my point of view and standards (and I somewhat think my taste in music and standard is a lil high) you could definately get some record deal, and DJ at the good Night CLubs
I'd marry your music if I could!

I'll see to it that ALL your Tracks become all platinum, then Double platinum, then Diamond, then Double Diamond, THEN PARAGON if there even is one!
I'll call these AmAZinG music the Red7 style from now on!

AND everything I said in my Summer Nightfall Review (in case u didn't see that)
lol so much in 1 review, u must be tried of reading and finding me annoying, but srry this Music's just too good , these words must be expressed!

I think I shall add you to my aim, and actually use my aim more often x) hope there won't be any problems there.
It's so good that I almost wanna spam download this, but i'm not that type of person haha. so maybe just 3 downloads! xD

This track just gave me a too good of a first impression, so 10,10,10,10,10 (true intentions too)
Wonder if I should vote 5 now, or should I wait until my voting power is Extremely High then vote a 5 xD
DLed all other Musics! (and Made OWN RedSe7en Folder File) :O

Wonder if this review’s too long, as if I wrote an essay

ok ok i'll shut up now =P

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Redse7en responds:

Wow thank you so much for all of your compliments. I dont mind someone talking alot in their reviews, it just shows me I'm doing something right. You can see that Maestro Sorrow attacked a bunch of my songs in the past with such long reviews so its cool hehe. I do believe myself music in the future will have more depth and diversity as far as techno goes. People will be able to do more sounds and melodies faster right on the spot. I enjoy songs with alot of feeling as well as songs with no feeling at all that are more for a type of hardcore feeling, which I guess is an emotion as well tho heh. I was gonna DJ at a lounge although since I'm taking a ton of credit hours in college and working part time it's very hard to find time. I do plan on one day creating a CD and maybe having it produced. Thad be cool :) Heh cause of all the zero voting done to me, my tracks dont get heard too much anymore although I'm not too worried. I'm happy even if a few people grab a download or two. I'm glad you enjoyed my music man. I have you on aim as well now so just message me whenever and I'll also keep you updated. Thanks for the review and being nice hehe.


I have to say this is the best song i have heard from you so far, all of them well done but this has to beat them. Like we sayed, seems like your getting much better over time ^.^ I liked the melodie and synths used, Very nice. The little vocal samples do help alot and make give it that extra umph heh. Like you knowm i give bad reviews so SHUT UP. Sorries I dident review in a long time, been super bussy. Well keep it up, this is really really good, dont see anything wrong with it at all.

~ Feral-Fox ~

Redse7en responds:

Thanks for stoppin by and checkin out my music. It's cool though cause I know how it feels to be busy all the time and know that you have fans who are waiting forever to get your newest song. I really didn't spend that much time on this song which was the crazy part. I almost knew where I wanted things and exactly where to find my samples. I cut out alot of my filters I used to use and added only a few to replace them that I never liked in the past. Maybe your right and I am learning :) Thanks for your support Fox!

~Red 7

a new one!

hey wussup man! haven't heard from you a quite a while. glad to see you're still "doin the music thing" as my friends like to say.
anyways.. to the review!
off the bat, the melody reminded me somewhat of another song, but when i was expecting a certain note, it went another way (keepin us on our toes). i looove the vocal. and the little moan gives it a nice effect :D
it's amazing how i can hear each and every synthyou used clear as day. the bass line prancing along, the higher pitched melodies, the synthing running along with the hats, EVERYTHING!
you're beats are, as usual, incredibly energetic. the melodies are just so uplifting.
i like there a few.. solos i guess?.. of the incredible melodies you put in.
great song! hope you don't take another leave from "the music thing".


Redse7en responds:

Hey man I was wonderin when Id see you in my area again. I'm not really trying to take a leave from my music thing heh but over the summer I had no time to work on anything... anyways.. With this song I couldn't stop making it like I was driven by something. I sampled the synths and stuff quite alot in this song making sure everything worked with something else. The solo parts I did as little transitions between the song to mix things up. The were probably the hardest thing to tackle in this song. As for the energetic feeling, I guess in my music I just enjoy people getting into the song and feel like bobin their head or dancing.

I am working on a new song as we speak right now which is 50% done at the moment. It will be my first Drum and bass submission and should please some people heh. The song has to deal with Washington DC since I lived in that vicinity for a long time. I felt like I owe something to my city :)


even though i've never reviewed you, i've been downloading all your songs. i must say that you're my favorite artist on newgrounds, hands down. this song is one of the best yet :)

Redse7en responds:

Wow thanks for such a nice compliment! It pleases me to see that people enjoy my songs so much that they download all of them :) Ever since TrueRave2006 all I've been worried about was the clarity of my songs. Even though this song took me four days to make the hours I've put into this song was quite a bit as well as the total amount of hours I've spent on fruity loops. Hopefully I'll never loose any of the experience I've gained with fruity loops over the next few years and still keep nice people like you coming back again and again. If you wanna stay up to date on my progress, feel free to instant message me on AIM. I'm always online, not always there but try to be heh.

~Red 7


Wow, I really liked this, I really think people should try and use vocals in their stuff, even if it's just a little thing in the background like this. (At least I think, or maybe I'm going crazy o.0)

Overall I liked it, but I've heard lots of songs, with this same almost exact feel before...

Redse7en responds:

Yea I was thinking about using my own voice sorta like what scooter does... I will probably add a new song with the same title and with my voice so people can see if they like it. Having a little background voice does help alot form what I noticed. It changes things up well and adds areas that people will remember. I know my song has a feel that other people have heard before but I thought that since I've been doin alot of experimental stuff lately that I would go and try something like this to beef up my selection a tad more :) Thanks for your review n' come back anytime!

~Red 7

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4.20 / 5.00

Aug 30, 2006
10:03 AM EDT
File Info
3.8 MB
4 min 7 sec

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