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Here's a verse for one of those short-lived yet completely meaningless moments of melancholy, when everything feels like shit for no reason at all. Recorded in one take; edited ever so slightly to add some reverb and clarity... and then S3C appeared out of nowhere with a beat and some awesome auxiliary effects! Amongst other edits. :) Feedback much appreciated!

Original acapella: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/599341


I feel bad and I don't know why,
I want to go fly,
I'm broke
I just watch days go by,

Why? No drive!
I know I could but I don't try
I lost my vibe though I was feeling so high,
And tonight don't feel like a dope night.

Maybe I'm just tired.
I went to sleep at four,
Woke up at nine,
Went to sleep two - slept no more,

My neck is sore,
I feel a lump in my throat.
Like I swallowed a pill
And it's still in the boat.

I get hoarse when I sing,
I try to hit a note.
I want to write the realest shit
That I ever wrote.

But how can I write it
When I'm so keen on writing?
You can't right a wrong if you don't wrong first,
So I write this

Visited a buddy that I've known some time,
He was home with his parents.
They were
Tired and weary.

They say he sleeps all day
And he doesn't care!
Is he going someplace? Where?
They don't know if he'll near it.

They want me to take action,
To take him out, run about
Go a round
Get some interaction.

So we took a walk
And it was fun but this is shit.
I don't know why I feel like...
Why I feel like this.

Like I just pitched ad libs.
Like this is not my voice,
Like I had all the right options
And I missed my choice!

Like I had the world in my hand
And threw it away.
The views are gray today!
I feel I lose what's at stake.

I feel I made a huge mistake.
I feel I did something wrong,
I feel like not giving a shit
Rather than struggling on.

I feel like one of those shriveled up plants,
On my lawn.
I feel like fate steers me,
And I'm just a pawn.

I feel I'm staring at defeat.
I feel the last time I laughed was last week.
I feel like I don't want to speak.
I feel tired, but I don't want to sleep.

I feel like I'm not unique.
I feel like I don't even care what I seek to be,
Though I usually wake up and seek my needs,
Do all I can to be leet in deeds.

But right now I don't care about this verse I write,
I just died and the hearse is tight.
I feel alive somewhere inside,
Like it's growing and I hope I'll nurse it bright.

When I started this I wasn't perched to fight,
I was slumped like a purse on a Nurse on flight.
But now I straighten my back like I've learned that life,
Throws you downs and you climb up, re-surge and right!

All the wrongs you've done, you carry on!
You do what's right even if you don't know - that you've done wrong!
Whatever people throw at you, you just evade it all!
And when you feel good, don't wish that you could stay this tall!

Just stay where you are! You've reached it you know it!
You're king of your own soul yo! Your own you own it!
And I don't care if you don't care, if you think it's hopeless!
Know this: I felt like all was hopeless when I wrote this!

But then I rose, shit, you see what prose is?
It's a life elixir, it gives hope to hopeless!
It lets you cope and grow big! Let's you make the most if!
You feel like you're just being shit on, don't give a shit! You're Moses!

Don't quit! Don't even suppose it's over! You may be gray
But I'll glow for all the lost souls cause I just crossed roads,
Walking through paradise, feeling like an impostor,
Feeling like I had the love of my life and I just lost her,

But all is not lost, I felt it was, but still I've got Earth.
And it doesn't matter if it wasn't what I got first, that I'm not first here,
Cause this place birthed care, stare despair in the white eye
And forget the night you might die, stay alive and you'll resurface!

Cause you are worth this.

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Cyberdevil responds:


this is really deep but depth aside i really really like this song

Cyberdevil responds:


Damn, those lyrics are deeep.

Cyberdevil responds:

Like the furthest reaches of the monoverse! ;) Thanks man.

Some of the words you use were tricky for me but I believe I get your message.
So in the end of my thinking process, I found that I'm not the only person fighting the unkown, good thing to know and to hopefully keep in mind.
Good job and good luck in your life journey bro!

Cyberdevil responds:

Aren't we all, in one way or another! ;) Thanks for comment; you too!

Great work guys! I can totally understand what you've captured here in the lyrics. I have those moments too. When I feel worthless, despairing, no matter what my circumstances are. Sometimes they last only a couple of hours. I think the worst time lasted a couple of months.

Oddly enough, only one thing has been able to comfort me no matter how melancholy I become: the wind. Even when I can't stand to listen to music, or be around people, or even sleep... even then, the wind is able to comfort me.

Perhaps that is why windless days are the darkest of all, to me.

Some of the sound effects obscure the lyrics a bit.

Cyberdevil responds:

Mmm, I've had lasting surges of depression too, but fortunately nothing as intense as these 'moments'. Remember that news post you had on this topic way back btw. Harsh times, but it seems all artists go through such times, maybe it's the main force behind our inspiration! ;) Btw, fun fact: happiness is supposedly 50% genetic, 40% mindset and 10% circumstance (environment you live in, etc)... though I'm thinking with all our unused brain sectors that 40% should be boostable!

Ah, interesting. For me sunshine has a huge effect on how I feel, soon as clouds start gathering I get moody, dark days of winter can get pretty dark,.. anyway, hope you got something out of the music, was all about getting out of a hopeless moment after all! Thanks for the comment(s)!

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Dec 31, 2014
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