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http://rapidshare.com/fil es/308700178/MA_L_-_Techn ology__Club_Mix_.mp3

Longest song ive done 7:54. I would like to thank JonnyWood. Trully one of my best works



is a great style, i like it

Always-Dark responds:

thanks man. back when i was in the zone! lol

Very well put together.Nice job.

Though I be a bit new to the trance genre, I know my stuff.

It was,as you might say, low quality, but from reading the other reviews while listening, I find that you did a nice job overall.

I dowloaded this thing into my Ipizzle. Just so I can sit back on those sunny days with my girlfriend resting on my shoulder, to listen.

Keep up the good work.

Always-Dark responds:

Hey thanx for the download, even better, thnx for putting me on your "Ipizzle" lol. Be sure to download the 128kbs copy if you'd like. Just scroll down to find the link, i put it in the other resposes to the other reviews i got.


Great at a club

This is something that would work very well at rave party. But just to listen to it isn't really that enyojable after about 3 minutes. If it was me that made it I would make some kind of change somewhere around there.

I downloaded the higher quality version, but it would still benefit from even higher quality. I understand that you need to lower the quality with the NG version but with the original mixdown I recommend anything above 200kbps, (I usually sample at 256kbps) you'll get huge files but it's worth it:)
One more thing about that. I can't put my finger on it but the mix sound a bit well.. quiet. and like there is some kind of very small filter on it. dunno really. but I would look into that:)

Hmm now it kinda sounded like I didn't like it, but I do, I like the synths and the arrangement, I'm just trying to be constructive.

keep it up! I hope you blow my mind with your next song:)


Always-Dark responds:

I did think about rendering it to a higher bitrate but 128kbs is like 7mbs by itself, and i really didn't need such clarity for my song, 320kbs i think is a bit excessive. I like songs that just take you in and entrace you, no real complex melody, i never really liked that. So i guess that comes out on my music. I do try to do different styles though, im learning!
Thnx for looking it over. i'll be sure to keep checking your stuff out.


Nice Trance

This was good ol homebrew trance, well done :P

The only thing is that it did drag on a bit long, but genrally thats what trance is :P

The tune was nice, the drums were good. The only thing which I didn't like was the fact taht you had to drop the quality of it :P

Well done


Always-Dark responds:

Yea since it was like 8 mins long i had to drop the quality from 128kbs to 64kbs!! thats why it sounds so poor [to my standarts] but i chose to do that because i thought that shortening the lenght would ruin the feeling of the track. Im glad you like it, thats why im giving you the option to download the 128kbs version here:


I wish i could re-write the description so i could add this link but i can't. ahh well. Thnx for reviewing the track!


Sounds like Space

The synth's are well done. Very spacey as like as the Offbeat. Feels like being in a mysterious zone in space. The synth sounds a bit repitive after a time but I still like it!

The percussion is good aswell.
The percussion gives this track a speedy note. But I would change a bit the volumes of some samples. The closed highet could be a bit quieter and the kick a bit louder. Or you could change it a bit with EQ or Filter (to give it a deeper accustic). But sweet.

A good track rly. Is it a Club Mix?


[Thx 4 reviewing my newest track ;)]

Always-Dark responds:

No thank you, for reviewing my track. karma.

Yea people have told me that the synth melody got a bit repetive after a while. I thought that if i changed the notes around a little, that it would atleast not bore the person listing, but ive never been that melodic type of artist. That's why im lerning more about the scales and experimenting with strings and piano [its always good to start from there]. Thnx for telling me about the hats and kicks. I didnt really notice, but i think it could make it better. Now hearing it over again, they do sound a little too loud, kinda takes away from the song. Thnx again for reviewing my track. Your stuff is good too, hopefully ill get to review one of yours again.

p.s. its not a club mix. just a song. you can remix it though.....tell me if u want to, id love to give you the chance to.

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Aug 29, 2006
5:09 PM EDT
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