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_-={The World's Truth}=-_

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The world has many truths, and many lies, told by many voices. A sad, peaceful tune.


Nicely Done Maestro!

Great to see you back! You have improved a lot since you posted on MaestroSorrow! Do you have new sounds? It's either you have new sounds or know how to use your current ones better (or both).

Beautiful mood set in the piece, but watch out for clashing notes. There were some sour notes at the beginning, but they weren't a very large flaw. Mainly when the organ came in. When dealing with multiple voices like that, the easiest option for a note you want to hold is to choose a note from the current interval chord. At any rate, the piece had a lot of imagination behind it, which really shows your potential.

I liked the choir sounds you have, what are you using?


MaestroRage responds:

Yeah, I have new sounds, but i've decided to use all the sounds I have at my disposal, sometimes, you gotta use the old stuff, cuz it beats the newer things. I'm sure you're Casio 310 can relate ;).

I realize and understand how to hold a note, but with that many voices, I got too lazy to go into each channel and alter accordingly. Maybe the song was posted before it was really done, but I wanted to put it up anyways. I kind of liked the raw qualities it had of being unrefined.

As for the choirs, they are PlugSound CD 6, "OOh" and "Aah", Papalmedia, and a good deal of reverb!

Thanks for the review David, greatly appreciate it ^^.

Oi-- U Ass

Why am I one of the last to know your MaestroSorrow? How many accounts do you need to trick people damnit -_-

Anyhow, nice to see revelations come clear.

This being the first piece of "MaestroRage" to listen to it really clicked like "The Return of the Maestro".

Something I have always and always will respect you for is the imagery you can show with your music. I strive to do the same... and I feel the closest I'v come is with my "March into Heaven".

I'll still never make it as far as you though. This piece is beautiful. I could DEFINATELY see it in a fantasy-swords and magic game where you are in a town walking around and stuff.

The strings... my oh my how much you have improved. DavidOrr ripped the words from my mouth. This piece has truly left me speechless i'm afraid. I'll have to go leave better reviews for your next two pieces.

You have no idea how much you have helped me prosper and how much you have inspired me these past two months. You, and MilkMan_Dan both are what I strive to become classicly... B0UNC3 Trancily... err.

Now... I'v listened to this song at least 5x in a row and I still can't find anything to say about it. You'll have to forgive me... and i'll have to apologize by writing a few long ass reviews on your next two songs not drifiting off for more than a paragraph and sticking to the song ^^

O - I know. At 0:33: My heart shook and my whole body had shivers sent down them. Even bigger it happened again later on.




MaestroRage responds:

I actually have another account on here, but I think you may know that one :D.

Meh, all for learning, all for spreading, and all for the experiences right! This may be my final resting spot, I hope so, I've grown attached to this site, and it's inhabitants.

I'm glad you liked the song, if it was able to move you then it was a success ^^. Thanks for the review and continued support.


Brilliantly pulled together, I must say. The blending of the intruments must've taken hours in itself. Reminds me a little of the music in Miazaki's films (a good thing). The organ and bells I thought were especially well done.

Accolades and a big 5 to thee.

MaestroRage responds:

This was surprisingly one of the songs that didn't take that long actually. Then again I had some crazy streaks of creativity when I was sitting down to this, so perhaps I was working in overdrive.

I have seen Miazaki's film's, I really adore the musical elements and stories to them.

Thank you for the review, i'm glad you enjoyed the piece ^^.


This piece was wonder! I loved the what you did with this. The only thing I could suggest is maybe use some low brass instruments to fill up the bottom part. Other than that I don't have much to say.



MaestroRage responds:

hmm, to be honest I did have some brass in the background, but I guess I forgot about it while working on the other parts of it, and then I either turned it off, because I didn't remember what purpose it served, or simply never turned it up enough to make a difference.

I'm glad you found it entertaining ^^. Thanks for the review.

Nice Sound

This sound gives me the picture of peace after destuction.

Its not worth "Gold Track"

Its worth "2x Platinium Track"

MaestroRage responds:

Thank you, maybe one day ;).

Thank you again for the review!

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Aug 29, 2006
4:42 PM EDT
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