To the Stars

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Yay more music! This is a medley arrangement of multiple tracks from Super Mario Galaxy, for the Smash Bros arrangement album expansion Harmony of Heroes: Final Smash. If you enjoyed this, there's plenty more where that came from in the expansion, including Metal Gear, Megaman, Sonic, Zelda, etc.

To begin with, this is a list of all the Super Mario Galaxy tracks I arranged in this medley, in order of appearance:

Stardust Road
Into the Galaxy
Good Egg Galaxy
Starbit Festival
Gusty Garden Galaxy
Power Star Get!

Thanks goes to Laura Intravia for the wonderful flute performances done under very short notice. In fact, this whole track was done under short notice. In the space of just over two days, I spent over thirty hours on this track. So yep, basically non-stop work to get this done. I was disappointed that the aforementioned expansion album didn't have any Mario Galaxy music, and always wanted to arrange some of its music, so I decided to take on the crazy task of finishing this track in a couple of days. Didn't get much sleep, but it was WORTH IT.

I tried experimenting a little for this. It's basically an orchestral/chiptune mashup, with mostly orchestral supported by chiptune accompaniment/drums. Look forward to an entirely chiptune section later on though... it's my first time doing chiptune so I hope it's alright. This uses East/West Symphonic Orchestra Silver, Hollywood Brass Gold, Hollywood Strings Gold, Stormdrum 2, Omnisphere, Versilian Studios Marimba, Virtual Guitarist, mda ePiano, BiT BOX, Bleep, Magical 8-Bit, Sytrus, 3xOsc, and Vengeance. Also, those aren't the original Mario sound effects you're hearing in the background at some points. They're my own; hope I got them to sound like the real thing!

I worked very hard on this and consider it one of my best tracks to date. I hope you agree! Thanks for listening and comments would be much appreciated!


simply amazing

Childhood, Chiptune, Orchestra, what more could you ask for in a perfect remix? Beautiful!

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Omg this is awesome :O. Great job !

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Amazing! Just... simply amazing! I really like the feels it gives me. A little joy blended with a little sadness. The best part is from 3:09 until the end for me. That part to me is just perfect. Amazing job on this. :)

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Beautiful blend of music. At first, I thought you completely composed the entire piece by yourself, and I was shocked. Then I read the description and I realized that you made an arrangement that sounds good anyway.
Like the beginning introduction blending into the next song.
Good Egg Galaxy was (in my opinion) greatly improved with the chip tune and orchestral accompaniment additions you added.
Can't go wrong with Gusty Garden Galaxy.
Overall, loved transitions. Great additions. I have just one thing personally that I'm not satisfied with. Around 3:10, this is (again) my personal opinion, so it's fine if you disagree with me. The (saxophone?) instrument that plays there seems to have too much of a jarring sound for that type of smoother "soupy" music. Again, this is my personal opinion and you could have put it there for your own musical interests. Therefore, I won't detract any of my stars until I know why, if i subtract any at all.
Keep making more music! *McDonald's theme song plays* I'm lovin' it!

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Step responds:

Ouch, I apologise for taking almost a month to reply!

Geez, I wish I could compose melodies this good. These are the kind of melodies which I hear and think "DAMN I wish I thought of this first" haha. I absolutely love the composition of Mario Galaxy's soundtrack.

3:10's sound is actually a pulse-wave-based chiptune synth. We might have to agree to disagree on this, because I love how it sounds haha.

Thank you for the constructive review!

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