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Chiptune bossfight thing! It was really fun to make. It also ended up being my secret santa submission for a guy who asked for an 80's track.

If that doesn't make sense to you (or it makes me seem like a lazy jerk) feel free to read the following massive wall of text at your leisure.

And yes, there's a cutoff ending... I don't even have Ableton right now, so its gonna be hard to fix that >_>


Dear wandschrank,

Yes, this is your secret santa song.

No, it sounds NOTHING like what you asked for. Let me explain...

Alright, so I admit to being a bit of a slacker (ok - maybe more than a bit), but honestly when I heard your request I was like "hmm, I have no idea what this kind of music is. I'll have to do more research!" And I didn't want to give you a short shrift by doing your song in an hour or something, so I figured I'd just do it on Christmas break and be done by Christmas day. Easy!

In the meantime I was tinkering with this chiptune idea I had. Just a little fun, didn't expect to release it or anything.

Well, I got home and I got MASSIVELY sick. "Only able to walk 10 feet to the bathroom because you're so sick" sick. I kept on hoping that it would let up earlier than the deadline. Well... it didn't. I couldn't twitch a creative muscle.

Finally on Christmas Eve, I feel a little better. Finally! The clouds are parting! I can't wait to write the best Secret Santa 80's song ev...

My computer dies.

After like 3 long years of perfect operation, it locks up and dies. Won't even start up. It seems like it's in the cards that I'm going to fail my duty as a Secret Santa.

But I still had that chiptune idea lying around. I did like it a lot, after all... and it would be better to send him something rather than leave poor wandschrank with no Christmas presents under the tree... possibly triggering repressed childhood memories... Maybe...

No wait, my computer crashed... how would I recover it? All seems lost, but then I remember:

Wait! I uploaded it to a private soundcloud account once to get some feedback about it!

So I log into Soundcloud as myself, turn downloads to true and steal it from myself and upload it on here.

And THAT's the story of why you asked for 80's and got chiptune. I hope you agree that this totally random song is better than nothing (never released on NG, after all!), and can accept that it's not COMPLETELY what you wanted.

Wow, I'm way too verbose. TL;DR Got way too sick and couldn't write song, please forgive me.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays :-)

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It's perfect the best though it should be longer the song to make it even better

johnfn responds:

Ehh you can just loop it! :p

Heed my warning, fellow musician, for my free time is limited and I am about to attempt what I never thought was within the bounds of possibility for someone of my habits - a short review. Pray for me as I enter this realm of unknown territory, with naught but my keyboard, my fingers, and, hopefully, my sanity.

So yeah I just wanted to drop by and say that I highly enjoy this little ditty of yours. It's tons of fun to listen to, and the main hook is just stupid catchy. I hope you still have the project file since you need to finish this. Some particular points I want to bring up:

- 0:12's chord change is really lovely, and I love hearing it every time it pops up in the track.
- 0:48's transition is such a brilliant idea. If I were you I'd highlight the contrast there even more, by making that break more sudden/quiet, and making the rise into the next part more exaggerated.
- Don't think I didn't notice 1:34's JohnFN Drum Fillâ„¢.
- I feel like you could've been a bit more creative with your intro. It kind of jumps right into the meat of the track with that catchy hook, and by the time 0:48 comes in, it already sounds like you've milked it a little. If I were you I'd add a few clever variations before 0:32 comes in, and make 0:32 more of a buildup into 0:48.
- Mix is pretty balanced, but a little flat and lacking the punch I usually enjoy in your tracks.

k thats everything dont forget to finish this byeee.


johnfn responds:

Man maybe I should come back to this. I honestly think the mix is pretty weak now. :3

Sounds like a Streets of Rage tune....only in 8 bit :D Not too shabby

Boy thats a lengthy open letter though couldnt you keep it to PM though haahah. Have a good one tho!!

Contra.....Castlevania....Tmnt....You bastard...
Well polished and sounding sooo goooood
CoSS, Out.

johnfn responds:

Thanks CoSS! My goal is to hit you right in the nostalgia feels.

Oooo...eerie 8-bit music! I love it! Really fits well with the theme of an old-school video game boss, and I love the melodies and soaring synths that fade in and out with the tremolos around 1:25 (and other places). Darn shame that your computer crashed. D: I love the strong beat, though, and it's all very smooth flowing and funky and cool. Might even make a good loop if you decided to go that route, i.e. perfect for a video game! :D Great work and keep it up! Happy 2015, Johnfn. :)

johnfn responds:

Thanks TheDoor! OR WHATEVER. Happy new years to you too. Though it's not even new years any more.

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