GamboyHax (ROxAs)

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made this song in 2 hours at a friends house this is just a lil random thing im putting up for xmas so enjoy n.n
genre changes around 1 min to dubstep from dancezzz


Solid track this :).
I honestly din't like the intro too much. You didn't have to filter everrything in my opinion. Like the drums didn't really need a filter buildup IMO. i felt that it was way to random, and just a bunch of slide notes clashing at totally random points. Also, I wish that you would have changed up the melody a bit. It was pretty much the exact melody from the intro just with some slides here and there.
The drop was pretty cool actually. Very interesting and creative. I wish that it would have been a bit more powerful bass there just to give it that "umph" feeling that dubstep usually has. That also another problem with this track. It sounds exactly the same all the time. The kick hits just as hard all the time, the bass never changes, the harmonics never changes, and it pretty much get tiring after the first drop. Though I do think this is very creative, it sounds a bit half-finished.

Keep in mind that this is just my opinion though. Others might enjooy it way more than me. I have listened to some of your otherr stuf like "sonar" so I know that you are capable of making great music, but this wasn't really my jam. Good job in creating it in 2 hours though.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

dont worry i wish i would have done alot of things :3 pretty much agree with everything you said.
since i did this at a freinds and she broke her computer i wont beable to change any of this
all sounds wher stock 3osc maid and vary quickly done aat that n.n
ty for the review and checking all my other stuff out means alot to me

This sounds good. It is a bit quiet at the beginning. I love how you made the transitions noticeable and not too random. I love how you completely changed the genre and entire feeling of the song at about a minute, that was the first time I had seen that. That is really cool. I think it would make a good loop if you made a less clear ending. Sorry I took so long to get to reviewing this great music. Great job, RandomDanceOfHappy!

-cga-999 of the Review Request Club

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

had to make it quite at the start so the quick filters dident make peoples ears bleed ;3
i was really haapy with how this song turned out givein i made this in close to 2 hours

good luck on takeing over the rrc :p try to spend as much time as i can reviewing stuff from there

Definitely a creative piece. I love what you've done with the bending.
The sound are a little sharp throughout the piece, but it blends in nicely. It's very easy to hear all the instruments.
Drumline could be a little more diverse, as you keep it virtually the same for more than half the song. It turns into more of an ambient piece partially because of this, and partially because of the long repitition of other tracks.
Melody is pretty good. Around 3:56 I like the turn the song takes, and I feel like it could be inserted into the middle instead of at the end to provide a break.
4/5 just for the long amount of repition. If that's what you were going for, 4.5/5. Not a full 5/5 without some variation in instruments, but that's only important to me I think.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

song was done rather fast 2 hours :p sounds are sharp i agree there is alot of stuff i would change but its on my friends laptop :p
ill take a 4/5 im content with that
ty for the nice review n.n should check out my other songs as they are alot better :p other then the last 2 songs ive put up XD

way to go i like it

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

thank you n.n

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Dec 24, 2014
11:25 PM EST
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