Xmas Memories

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Christmas Memories 2014, or Christmas Memories 3.0.

So... This is my latest version of this piece. I first made the very base for it back in 2011. I then forgot about it for a year, and didn't find it until last year, when I recorded a half improvised, half finished version of the composition. I uploaded the old version to Newgrounds as my second submission here, right after I joined the site, which means most of you have not heard it yet (I wasn't scouted) :)


Spoiler alert: that version pretty much sucks XD

Thus, I decided I should use what little time I had before Christmas to relearn how to play the piece and arrange it anew, so that I could upload it this very hour.
Needless to say, this year's version is much better. That said... There are still a few huge errors. Worst of all: The ending; the very end... It's so forced, and I totally brainfarted with the rhythm and tempo. Darn it.
Just like last year, I didn't get too many recordings before my horrible neighbor started complaining D:< Most annoying -_-!

I still fixed some minor mistakes by editing the MIDI file slightly, but I also left many in.

And oh God! I got new, much better headphones as a Christmas (which is celebrated on the 24th in Finland) present. Now I can hear all the extra noise in my piano recordings that where earlier unhearable o.O
It's pretty sick. I either need to upgrade my recording technique, or hope that everyone else has worse headphones than me :')

Enough rambling about the negatives :p

Apart from that list of things I just mentioned, I'm pretty happy with this song. For some reason it was really difficult for me to learn the piece anew, probably because several parts of last year's arrangement were improvised, along with the fact that I wanted to stay true to the original and not stray away from it too much.
Either way... Not an easy piece to play, although there are no distinctly difficult parts in it.

Maybe next year I'll come up with lyrics for this composition? I already have some ideas :3

I hope you've had a great Xmas so far, and will continue to have one :D


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Hey, this is a great piece for the medley project! Love the chords, and the expressions you've put into. I'll try my best to follow your emotions on the piece! Hope I can arrange this well into orchestrated version xD

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I'm really glad you like it :D!
I hope it will be fun! Best of luck, and thanks for doing it! :)

I love piano Instrument more than anything else, well guitar too, but my abseloute favorite is the piano. And this piece of music is just wonderfull. And the name matches the feelings one get's from listening to it. You are indeed good at making music LucidShadowDreamer. Keep it up. I hope we will see more amazing music on the front page from you later on

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I love the piano too :)
It's great to hear that you like my composition, and that it reflects the name, and the emotions associated with it accordingly. Thank you for the compliments, and for leaving a review :D
I'm sure I'll manage to find my way to the front page now and then ;)

Wow awesome piece. I started to regret for choosing to learn guitar than to learn piano.
Anyway Merry Christmas! :)

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, DwightFalcon!
The guitar is a great instrument too. I've always wanted to learn how to play it. Maybe I will someday? It's like my fingers don't want to cooperate with the strings though XD
Have a most Merry Christmas you too!! :D

Christmas the 24th?! HERESY!

Sorry I haven't been reviewing your stuff much, man. Your army experience is finally over! Awesome! This song sounds great. Your tempo's gotten so much better. And I know it's you playing, but for some reason, at 2:53, those staccatos just feel like they lack realism. :P (strange; that's normally the thing you'd say for me)

Did you edit the left hand at 3:44 and some of the other interesting triplets/sixteenths? They seem too smooth to be human. And were those arpeggios as 4:12 really you? You're definitely well on your way to becoming one of the most talented pianists on Newgrounds.

The ending's a bit cheesy (then again, what do I know), but at least it works really well. :) There were also a few mistakes I noticed towards the end, but the barrage of notes was so beautiful it didn't matter. Anyways, great work overall! Very good rendition of your older work. Can't wait to hear more now that you've exited the army! :D

LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Well... Christmas originates from a pagan holiday :p

Don't worry about not reviewing much of my latest stuff, as my latest songs have been pretty crappy :D They should get better from now on. I'm planning on releasing some of my very best (in my own opinion) piano compositions, as soon as I get decent recordings of them ;)
That, as well as make tons of new music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Finally.

You know, I think I actually have managed to evolve some as a pianist despite playing a lot less while in the army. Odd. Now that that's over though (and I have a LOT of free time), I hope I can work some real magic on my piano XD!!

It's odd that 2:53 sounds like it lacks realism to you, I can't really hear it :/
That said, it's the most odd part of this composition, and not totally unlike Scareludium, for some reason o.O

"Did you edit the left hand at 3:44 and some of the other interesting triplets/sixteenths?"

=> Nope, I didn't edit anything around 3:44. The only thing I remember doing close to that was at 3:58, where I did indeed edit the part slightly, to make it smoother. (those five fast hits with the left hand didn't go fully as planned, although they could've been left unedited. If you try to, you might even hear a slight difference between the left hand at 3:58 and the notes at 4:00, as they are the same, but 4:00 is unedited).

Those arpegios at 4:12 were most definitely me. They are at a really easy spot though, and in an easy key to play them (mostly black keys). I did edit the volume a bit at 4:12 (to make it louder), but in hindsight that was a clear mistake. It made the part sound worse. Noob mistake :p
The arpeggio at 4:14 was a bit more difficult as it so quickly had to transition into my normal left hand motion thingy, but practice makes perfect, no?

There are too many skilled pianists on Newgrounds for me to become one of the top. I lack dicipline, which is the biggest issue. That, and the desire. I am the kind of pianist who spends enough time learning what I want to learn, but no more. If I wanted to become a master pianist, I should practice scales 6 hours each day... I'm more of the composing/arranging kind, but thanks for the compliment nonetheless!!! :D

The ending is definitely cheesy - despite the mistakes - and a bit too extreme for your normal christmas song, but I like it the way it is :D (not the very last part in this recording though... Brr...).
I think the 'barrage of notes' combined with the reverb makes it sound like the composition is a lot smoother than it actually is.

Thanks a lot for being there for me as a trusted reviewer, supporter and friend! Planning on doing some new stuff yourself soon :D?

PS. If one looks closely, one might notice that I'm in a writing mood today. The evidence is that both the description and this reply are pretty darn ridiculously long B)

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