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HDC: Sky v Sound Breaker

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HDC Winter Tournament Round 1

In this match up, we got to ferocious combatants going toe to toe in a contest to prove who is the most chill. Prepare your ears for the relaxing battle.

Verse 1 and 3: Sky from D Squad
Verse 2 and 4: Sound Breaker

Battle Format: Who's the most chill?

Beat by RandomRapBeats

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Close but I gotta roll with sound breaker dope battle

Soundbreaker gets my vote.

Sky had a couple of flaws during his parts of the battle, I feel. His flow came a bit sloppy at times, and some bars were delivered in a rush, it seems. And while the four bars of sound effects made me chuckle, I also felt that it, along with that one bar you didn't write at the end of the first verse, is a bit lazy and, essentially, you made the same gimmick twice. The mixing quality also could be improved, as it was just a little bit difficult to distinguish Sky's verse from the beat.

I wasn't blown away with Breaker's flow (not to say it was bad, cuz it wasn't. I think he just played it safe), but I really enjoyed his lyrics a bit more, and after the battle finished, his lines were the ones I remembered. The "speed of lag" line got me, especially. The story about the electroencephalogram really worked, too. The sound quality was great, too, and I was able to hear every part of the verse clearly.

Both of these artists are good, and I enjoy listening to both of them, but Breaker came out better in the end. I think Sky can do better, and maybe if this was a regular battle (and not a "who's more chill" battle), we might've heard a different Sky, but, hey, it is what it is, and it is a fun battle to listen to.

Good stuff, both of you.

I just feel that soundbreaker was too hard to be too chill. Both good verses and shyte for sure! Great track! ! Qshit disqualified himself, hope to have a chill battle vs one of ya in the next rnd. Either of ya going down easy vs me. Haha Im so chill im what makes the other side of rhe pillow cooler. My vote is to sky.


Amazing beat with amazing flows.

From what I heard:

Sky came with style as his main weapon, you can hear the personality in his voice. Spot on "chill" delivery but I feel content couldve been worked on a bit more. Yeah its a chill battle but we cant forget that its still a "rap" battle. That 4 bar sound effect idea may have seemed like it would give you bonus chill points for originality but I gotta say that really hurt his score on my card. The purpose was to be chill, not lazy feel me. Great flows though, I really dug his presence/aura (or swag if you will)

I feel that Sound Breaker came more cerebral to the subject. You can hear it in his precise rhyme schemes and polysyllabics. I felt that he came with stronger structure overall (cadence, punches, rhymes, originality, etc..) I thought his rebuttals were quite ear catching as well. It was fun to listen to Sky but I feel like I learned something after hearing Sound Breaker's verse.

Hey but props to both rappers, they came with effort and skill.

My vote goes to Sound Breaker. (Remember that its still a "rap" battle, and that the topic is most chill, not most lazy).

Fuck this is excellent. I thought compliment battles were tough to judge, but this is something else.

Sky V1 - Stayed in-character throughout the entire battle. Flow had its stumbling points (which, in this case, is better for filling the criteria) and sounded more like a freestyle than anything. One thing that didn't do it for me was that your diction suffered a tiny bit, which I feel was intentional but didn't really bring anything to the table for me. Liked the ISIS line a lot.

Breaker V1 - Comes with much more consistent flow, but rather than sounding energetic it just feels more natural and dismissive rather than sluggish. The overall imagery and structure here is very nice - liked the "speed of lag" rhymes and brain scan bars. I'm a bit lukewarm on the finisher since it's nearly identical to Sky's.

Sky V2 - The opener didn't really do it for me, partially because the sound effects were more lazy than chill - there is a difference, I think. Coming back with the yawn line and suicide note was sick, though the obvious gamble was throwing away four bars.

Breaker V2 - Suicide comeback is good but gives the impression of being focused (fuck, why did you guys have to make this so hard to judge?) I also feel like you were a bit assertive on the 'too relaxed to try.' The repetition is alright, but I feel like 'where was I?' was kind of riding on the coattails of Sky's last verse (again!)

I think there was potential for some hilarious punches, perhaps if one of the contestants told the other to calm down. That said, as far as I'm aware this is uncharted territory, and you both were mad creative. Sky's first verse showed superior versatility with schemes and technical ability while also blending it with chillness. Sky was a bit more direct, though at points I felt that he got in his own way. Up until Breaker's second verse I would have given the win to Breaker, but seeing as both of his verses contained near-plagiarism from Sky, I don't really feel comfortable giving him the win. On the flipside, if you only listened to Sky's verses, you would have no idea that another emcee was originally on the beat, whereas Breaker half attempted a flip.

Fuck. Well, taking everything into account, I would say Sky barely, BARELY edged this battle. The 'chill' competition was something both competitors agreed on, and Sky pulled off the persona more convincingly. He came good in his first verse and better in his second, while Breaker seemed like he was trying too hard in his second verse. This was tough as shit to judge - hell, if your verses are to be believed, it seems this battle is harder to judge than it was to write and perform. But, there can only be one, so I vote Sky, even though I don't think my vote counts.

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Dec 19, 2014
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