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A full mix of all Electronic Genres, representing my creativity and passion for music, feedback is welcome as always, and please enjoy!

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The static noise in the background ruined it for me, I felt like it didn't have it's place in this song.

SilentShadow97 responds:

Thanks for the review, since I uploaded this I've learn't more about my mistakes and how an instrument or melody needs to fit and have its place in a track. Thanks again man and I agree the white noise is way over the top and out of place, won't happen in any of my newer tracks.

IMO not particularly well put together. EQing is a bit wonky, everything is a little muffled. White noise is generally used to make a track sound "fuller," but usually only in places where it's loud. Generally you won't her too much of it quiet parts, and it's automated very carefully so you don't can't identify it outright. As such it shouldn't be as prominent as it is, and definitely not heard through the entire song. At lot of the transitions were pretty lazy as well, but none of the songs flowed together in the first place so I can't really dip too much on that.

As for the debate on "all electronic genres," of course I'm not expecting a ton, but they all sounded pretty much the same genre to me, though I'm not sure how exactly I would label it. Different genres have different tempos, different sounds and methods of production. To me at least, this sounds like three different short songs of the same "misc. electronica" genre smashed into one.

You took on something very ambitious, and fared poorly. For your ambition at least, I commend you. Keep working on it, and as always, you're welcome to send me anything you'd like for a bit of critique.

Cheers, and merry Christmas.

SilentShadow97 responds:

Cheers for the feedback my friend! :) I havn't boosted any EQ at all only removed some frequencies to make it clearer so I don't know how it sounds wonky :/, I also agree with the white noise it was slightly too loud, which I already took note off after some other peoples feedback. The transitions were not lazy as its my style of transitions and im not trying to beat other peoples transitions, merely what I enjoy, I put together a track based on 'Build-Chorus-1, Bridge, Build Chorus 2, Bridge/fade out, which is not necessarily a track that is not put together correctly, it is merely how I like to put together a track, and 1500 people seem to like it enough to download. As for the description, I never intended to make a track that represents all Electronic Genres, I merely noticed that it was a very well rounded track IMO after its was complete so I stated 'A full mix of all Electronic Genres' which I know is not true, but who can represent all electronic genres into a 4:30 min track... Which im sorry you based your review on my description, as I wasnt aiming for the description, I make music because I like it, and try to get the sound I like, I don't neccessarily make music to always please others. I upload here as some people like it and some don't, but thats part of making music I guess. But ofc I love getting feedback, and appreciate your review very much so!
Edit: If I were to take on the task of a track that represents all electronic music genres, I would start off with that thought from the get go, and I would create something a lot longer with more depth and imagination, which would allow for something a long the lines of what you were originally expecting :)

Awesome track! Didn't hear anything like this in a long time. This track is very unpredictable for me, and I like this! Nice work!

SilentShadow97 responds:

Thank you very much! :) Always love getting feedback like this cheers! :D

Creative song, it really does make you feel alive and having that electric feeling. Great music! I hope you make more like these in the future.

SilentShadow97 responds:

Thank you for your kind words Grim, I'm glad you like it :) And I sure will be! Got 1 last track coming for 2014, and then I can really start busting out the tracks in the new year!

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Dec 11, 2014
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