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Becoming Independent

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OK, before I start writing anything, note that this is a score for a short, student-made, non-profit film celebrating the 50th anniversary of Malta's independence:

I also need to point out that this was made in ONE NIGHT. The producers who worked on the film ran into some unfortunate complications, and on top of that, the deadline for the film was shortened at the last minute, which squeezed me into the tight position of having to make the score in one night. Needless to say, I didn't get any sleep, and I don't think this is nearly up to standard. I had to rush it, there's a lot of literally copy-pasted sections (meaning a hell of a lot of repetition), mixing in areas needs touching up, and it's kinda generic/cheesy. Still, it was an experience to say the least, getting a track done in that amount of time! I haven't really done anything like this before either.

This uses mostly East/West plugins, with a little bit of Omnisphere, EZdrummer and Virtual Guitarist. I also had to use FL Studio 11's Video Player, which is by far the worst piece of Image-Line software I've ever worked with. Dear lord, the amount of bugs and setbacks it sent my way is just ridiculous. I'm going to have to use it for a future animation score and I don't look forward to it.

Anyway, this has been sitting around on my PC for a while, so I thought I should upload it, despite it not being up to the standard of quality that I set for myself. I think there's still some cool stuff in it (like the way I ended the piece with a melody from the national anthem), and maybe someone out there will enjoy it, who knows! Thanks for taking a listen, and don't be too harsh. c:

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Hey, I'm dedicating a level to you! (Geometry dash). It's name will be, "Independent". I never really made a good level and hope you like it!!! Love your music, it's calm exciting feeling that you can listen too anytime. P.S. check the level in 1-2 weeks. I'm probably not good enough to have it get stars, and it probably won't be rated.

Step responds:

Oh, good luck with your level! Thanks for leaving a review :).

Hmm...this is different! I love the emotion and the climactic nature of it into 1:00. The intro might've been a little long, but it really has a simple beauty to it that compliments the film very well. I really love the victorious yet reflective mood. 1:55 was one of my favorite parts. Overall, it's well-structured, smooth-flowing, and has an appropriate amount of structural variation and dynamic contrast. It's at times upbeat and energetic, and at others slower and more emotional - just what I like in a piece of this style. May I ask why you chose to call it pop instead of classical or cinematic? Anyway, the quality of your instruments, as always, is superb. This could be a professional orchestra performing this right now, and I couldn't tell the difference. I also really liked the outro with the cellos and basses and then the soothing piano once again. Really good work, especially for making this in only one night, Step. :O Happy Independence Day, Malta! :D

Step responds:

Man, your reviews have become pretty much consistent. I always love reading what you have to say, so thanks a lot for yet another review!

The intro was on the long side, I'll agree, but my goal over there was simply to complement what was being shown on screen, as opposed to actually creating a musical progression that was a bit more sensible and didn't drag out as much, so I'm mostly glad I pulled that off haha.

Yeah I agree 1:52 is probably one of the stronger parts of the score, so I'm happy you like it!

Like I said to SilverFoxJams below me, I just felt like the instrumentation was more suited to pop, what with the piano, drums and guitar. It isn't really classical because it has almost no qualities of a classical piece of music. I guess maybe it could sorta fit in Cinematic, but ehhh. No biggie :3.

Once again, thanks a lot for reviewing! Gonna be posting two more tracks before the year ends.

I like how it gets from soothing, to exciting. Makes me smile. :)

Step responds:

The tricky part for me was to decide WHEN to change it to exciting, and how gradually to do so. Remember, this was a film score, and the scorer of the film basically dictates the excitement of the film, so it was important to make sure that the excitement levels were suitable.

Anyway glad you liked it :3.

You know what? Everytime I listen to your music, I feel I am going to heaven more than 2000 times.
Your musics always give me ideas, get rid of my pains, and makes me feel that YOU ARE THE REAL PRO

really nice. nice. UR A GOD

Step responds:

Jeez, thanks for the huge confidence boost ^_^. I'm glad you enjoy my music!

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Dec 2, 2014
10:37 AM EST
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