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Issac's Noir (v2)

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Author Comments

The first of 4 songs I'm re-releasing, and from here on it'll probably be pretty quick. I'm not sure what order, but I know what I want done with each track. I've been preparing for this by adding a bunch of new VSTs and plugins, but my main problem from here is getting a handle on mastering. So, as always please enjoy and critique so future releases will be even better.


Thoughts while listening:
Not quite sold on the instrumentation for the arpeggios...sounds like an 8-bit effect with real drums...interesting. Nice atmosphere at 1:15...good build at 1:30. Would like a real sax, but that still doesn't take away from the composition. Nice sudden ending.

Thoughts after listening:

Some improvements;
-It's risky to mix live-sounding FX, like the drums, with more artificial FX, like the arpeggios you have going at the start. In this case, I'd suggest trying a bitcrusher on the percussion, just to see if it doesn't mix in a bit better. It might not work, but it's worth a try.
-Brass instruments are often quite fake-sounding. The issue is that they sound just real enough to be...unnerving. Sort of like a robot face that looks almost human, and is creepy because of it. You may wish to look at some better sax samples to make it really pop, or go entirely electronic.
-Solo needed a real clincher at the end. Would be nice to finish on a powerful high note, just to punctuate it.

Some good points;
-Love the groove. This could be used for a great Noir theme!
-Lots of nice little changes, which keeps the piece interesting.
-Loved the sax solo, in terms of composition. Style/mood really fits the piece.
-Great pacing. Not often NG composers keep the pace going right. Too many people just rely on a loop to fill time, instead of sculpting every second, like a musician should. Good work.

Overall, you have a great feel going here, and a great sense of composition. I'd love to hear this redone with more consistant instrumentation.

3.5/5, R4R


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It has a really dark and a bit of a "haunting" feel at that beginning. You know what I mean..? Kind of like a spooky themed level in one of my platform games that I use to play. This track shot way passed what I expected honestly. Really good job. Also is that... a saxophone I hear..? Or a brass instrument..?

This is a nice mellow song. It's a little repetitive but I know how that can be as I do the same thing a lot. :) Something I find a little odd is how the... (is that a guitar sound in the beginning?) anyway, the "guitar" sound and the beat in the background sound a little mechanical compared to the brass instrument that jumps in every so often. It's an interesting contrast, and it works well enough. It just sounds different to me. ^_^

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Must say, I really liked the verby keys, and the sax is just other-worldly. It's just so distantly dissonant and pervasive at the same time, really great - especially when it's doing the trills. The fadeout is pretty spot on too.

Honestly, I would toss out the first 10 seconds. You lose too much energy in the song right out of the gate. I agree that the song lacked a real solid lead, but there was enough other elements going on at points that made it work. Keep it up :D

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MirgilCando responds:

Thanks a ton for the compliments and feedback! If I return to this song again I'll see what I can do about the introduction, and I'm experimenting with different leads, but the more you add to the song the harder it gets to get it right, so we'll see about that.

There is an amazing foundation laid in this track, but maybe revisit it, or on your future songs it's nice to have a melody laid on top of the track. It adds the feeling of wanting more. It's a sweet beat, and I was waiting for something to kick in that never happened, but I see you going places if you keep improving :)

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3.49 / 5.00

Nov 28, 2014
2:54 PM EST
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2 min 33 sec

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