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More fire for the NG fam. Nobody told me about a tribute(Luis) so this is for you Cajete.


this is the shit.....

that's aal i got to say

Dis dat shyt... Respect...

.. damn dowg.. Dis some killer shyt u got here... Fuck them haterz... You n cajete are the ones who run dis.. support all the way.. If they wanna start shyt.. ill fuck them bitches up with my Rhyme.. shyt.. they wont know whats comin.. haha... LaterZ

~956~ Reppin Lil H(arlingen) Town ~Lowrider Ghost~



stl-product314 responds:

lol Thanks man


I just love this... Thanks man, really... All the support everyones givin' to me. I don't know what the first reviewer meant about the strings being distorted oddly. Obviously it's quite clear to see that your objective was to make them sound the way they do. You music standards are much highier then he claims. With your current knowledge, I'm sure you would know what's distorted. Well, but then again everyones entitled to there own opinion. But it's like I say... An opinion is like an asshole... Everyone has one and there all diffrent. Anyway's... STL, your one of my favorite and you know I've been a fan of your since you first started on this site... Keep it up... You have major talent. I'm sure if they put you in a professional studio you'd be 500x's better then what you are now.


stl-product314 responds:

Means a lot coming from you man. I keep hearing that you're quiting and that's not what I wanted to hear after not being on the computer for 3 weeks. lol On the real though, no one has a style like yours. Hip Hop is losing an entire branch of itself when you leave. Anyway, still holla at me when you can. I know you still wanna fuck with some beats on the D-Low lol

Real Muthafuckin' Talk


Here comes another art an ma boi stl did it again. Dawg, it sounds like da Armaggedon theme song lol but its vicious as shit man. Yo skillz seems to match mine cuz yours an my beats r flawless. This beat will make hataz piss on themselves an run home to their mommas talkin bout some "Mommy!!! There's a guy who make beats better than me an nobody wanna listen to mine anymore!! wwwaaahh!!!!" lol yo keep it up wit yo art cuz its blazin son! yea!

For da hata at da bottom:
Man fuck you ya trunk mouth retarted George of da jungle faggot chicken fuckin ass crackhead. I bet my 9 year old cousin can make better beats on his toy keyboard than yo raggity ass. Dats y yo mom go out wit Lucky Charms like shit and days y yo mom lives at Ebay like shit. y don't u go back 2 yo rat family dat lives in da sewer ya Jamaican porch monkey!!

Yowatzup out 1 peace

stl-product314 responds:

Yo chill. For the last time, he's not a hater just because he gave me a low score. lol This is another reason why people hate Hip Hop culture. It calls forth the ignorance in black people and other people who wish to be black for some reason. lol While you wasted your time writing all that, they're at thier home laughing and saying, " . . .dumbasses . . . ." Chances are he's not even going to read it. He probably will never come back to the Hip Hop section.

Real muthafuckin' talk.

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Aug 21, 2006
9:34 PM EDT
Hip Hop - Modern
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