Unending Horizon

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For this track, I used a bit of a new synth I bought. See if you can guess which one it is! There's no prize. Just do it.

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En mi opinión esta canción es increíble me hace sentir nostalgia de aquella época bonita de geometry dash me gustaría que si por favor la podrías extender ya que enserio la adoro mucho y 3 minutos no es suficiente ojala leas este comentario en estos tiempos y que te valla bien y ojala entiendas mi comentario español.

FELICIDADES!!!! por haber creado una maravilla de música :)

There are a lot of little gems hidden inside this song's melody and it's mixed really well imo! (But what authority do I have on mixing? Less than zero, probably.)
The middle part where it becomes less happy and makes heavier use of minor chords/melody sounds REALLY nice.
Something you probably recognize is that the song ends rather abruptly. Recently, I've been trying to either get rid of those or wrap them so it loops nicely -- it's better if someone else considers using your music for a submission. (which I understand happened to you on this piece! Congratulations!)

Frankly, your style is very addicting to my ears. Now I feel like sifting through your entire collection again!

OpenLight responds:

Glad to hear from you! I appreciate what you said in your review. Hopefully, I can start putting out more music soon!

Where do you see the ID so that i can Put This in my Geometry Dash level?

OpenLight responds:

You know you gave this 1/5 stars, right? Why do you want this song?

Either way, it's at the end of the URL I think. Should be 592483.

EDIT: Ok, got your message. Glad you like it!

Is it the OpenLight Signature Series Synth? That shit's out of my price range, but it seems to be working for you, huehuehue

Whatever you used, is it responsible for the bass? If so, is it a preset or did you make it yourself? It's nice.

When it comes in at 0:13, I dig it. It really helps to build that intro, along with the cymbal sweep at 0:26 capping it off.

My initial reaction as the song kicks in to gear is that the kick sounds a touch too loud. I like the sound itself -- it's thick, and you're smart to have the bass sidechaining to make room for it, but if you turned it down maybe 1 or 2 dBs, it might fit better in the mix. Right now it overpowers the snare, even though the snare is panned to the right (which I don't mind). By "overpowers", I just mean that my focus is drawn to the kick more than I'd like, and you've picked a good snare sound, so I wish you'd have brought that out more and left the kick back a bit (drum balance).

The arpeggios are cool -- I like how they filter fade going in to the section at 0:39.

I don't think giving the bass chords at 0:58 was a good idea; I know you wanted to transition in to the next section, but the layered sound that you ended up getting is pretty grating. Instead, I think just keeping the bass notes the same there and intensifying the kick's pattern that you start at 1:01 would work better. By that I mean making the pattern get faster, like you've started to do, but even to a greater degree in the final bars before it cuts out at 1:04. Since the part at 1:04 is a bit of a break, having an intense kick pattern like I suggested right before would add even more contrast, emphasizing the difference between the two sections.

Good snare pattern at 1:04. A bit more of that bass grating at 1:17, but it leaves quickly.

The main synths here are playing very interesting melodies. Cool and fast paced. I love how they start fading in and out at 1:43.

Bringing the bass back in at 1:49 -- genius!!! Really ties it back to the intro. Good decision.

Nice simple hi hat pattern at 1:56.

Were you intentionally lining up the peak of the cymbal sweeps and the fading in of the main synth that I mentioned before? I just noticed it -- together, they have a nice "wave" effect.

I enjoyed you bringing back the first part of the song at 2:15. Simple, but powerful.

Cool snare patterns at 2:28.

Overall, this all sounds like pretty typical OpenLight. Lots of reverb, good melodies, and gosh darn it I wish the drums were just a tad different haha.

Please enjoy my wall of text, bro.


Kirby <(-_-<)

I mean Birdinator99.

Or do I.

OpenLight responds:

Drums are my weak point haha. In my defense, RetromanOMG made me raise the kick 1 or 2 dBs. I had it probably at a level you'd have liked before lol. The bass layering didn't sound as good as I thought it would too, so I'd change that in the future.

I really appreciate this review! Thank you, man.

An OpenLight classic! Nice notes, nice waves, nice beats.

At 00:53, 02:42, and a number of other places there is a strange subtle background sound that I can't figure out. Is it reflection of the note sliding? I initially thought it was a person talking. Anyway, I find it unsettling. Hence the deduction of 0.5 stars.

OpenLight responds:

Kircho, I think that may have been an effect of your headphones with the delays and reverbs going on haha. I'm not sure what you're hearing, but I can swear that I did not put in subliminal messaging.

I'm glad that was the only major criticism though! I'm glad this was a new OL classic for you haha, and I certainly appreciate your continued support.

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Nov 11, 2014
6:52 PM EST
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