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haven't uploaded in a while, i have a few songs in the mastering stages already so expect more quite soon, let me know what you think of this one, i tried doing something out of my comfort zone even tho i love trap music, its just that this was the first time i tried doing something trap-like, oh and i recommend you listen this with a subwoofer or decent headphones if you have the chance to.

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- Pandasticality


cliping D:
bass dosent sound good sounds like it wants to go deeper but is being cut off . with a lil work this would be a great song :3

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Pandasticality responds:

yeah, i agree with that, this was my first attempt at a liquid trap song so its far from perfect, wanted to make something atmospheric, it didnt turn out quite as good as i hoped, i dont have the file anymore so i cant work on this any further ;--; shame

thank you for the review.
- Pandasticality

This is clearly better than MY first Trap attempt, ahahaha! But let's not give up on this genre, all right? It's a lot of fun!

There is something out of place with the lead strings towards the end. Other than that, this mix is really impressive! Love the vocal, most of the strings, and brass. Very cool, Panda. It just needs a bit of improvement. :)

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Pandasticality responds:

alright :3 il work harder next time, thank you for the review.
- PandaButt

Oh boy! Another song from you.

Trap is definitely not my style though, so take what I say with a grain of salt ... or whatever. Getting some of the nitpicky stuff out of the way, it sounds like the track is so loud it clips at sections like 00:58 and 01:26 to point out a couple. The section starting at 01:50 is too open IMO. It's also during this section that makes it obvious that it sound like there's an accidental note at 02:03. I hear it other times but I'm assuming that it's the same pattern of strings that played before hand. The melody is ok, but in my opinion again it doesn't flow well. It seems to go...stop...go and it's like trying to get a hyper 5-year-old to sit still during a documentary about bees (I don't know but you get what I mean right?).

The mixing is pretty sweet, except the brass. They sound like they should be louder, but the mixing otherwise sounds pretty sweet. All of the reverb you're using and the delays play out really nice. You do some nice stereo work which is something I'm really starting to appreciate/learn.

So in other words, a little work is needed and it's not my taste. BUT it's still good. I can't wait to hear your next stuff. I want more songs from you to download.

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Pandasticality responds:

theres a ton of flaws in it, its my first trap song so ton of mistakes are to be made, thank you for your review.

- Pandasticality

Great song! I like your overall usage of timbre and bass. The voices mix quite nicely. Found the melody a little jumpy and there seems even to be a mistake in the lead strings but i couldn't be bothered to search out the exact measure. You can hear it quite well in the intro and ending, when the string melody plays with less accompaniment.

Nonetheless, it's a great tune! Keep it up :)

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Pandasticality responds:

thnx for pointig that out, its my first try doing trap music so its filled with mistakes and what not, thank you for your review.


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Nov 1, 2014
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