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Wow, I can't believe it has been almost 9 months since this track came to be. A lot has changed since then; it is strange how things can change so much in 9 months, huh?

Anyway, this track, 'Wires and Gates', is from the indie robot puzzle game LogicBots. LogicBots was created by the talented Kenneth Ward (Incandescent Games) and was released on Steam on September 22, 2014. Take a peek below for more details on the game! Anyway, Kenneth was seeking a composer for his game, and I was fortunate enough to land the gig because he happened to like a few of my tracks here on Newgrounds. He contacted me, and we ended up chatting about the game, and I was incredibly interested in the idea - the rest is history.

This track was VERY difficult for me to write. I don't even know why, honestly! There are certain qualities about it that make me want to slam my head into a brick wall...but it has been 9 months and I am tired of fretting over the small issues. After all, there's no such thing as perfection in my mind, and musicians sometimes have to buckle down and just get the song out.

I will be releasing the soundtrack for LogicBots in the near future on Bandcamp (once I get my butt in gear). This is just one of the 12 songs that are on the soundtrack; I really hope you enjoy it.

LogicBots on Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/290020/

There's a demo available for the game, so give it a go...or BUY IT you rascals! :D

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Its always a guess if people understand scales (no offence ofcourse, in general theres alot of music on newgrounds that has utilized no understanding of the prior) and at first i held my breath a bit on the boops fearing it would just keep looping the same thing (wich happens alot in the prior aswell) but 1:40m in i already recogniced you know what youre doing. 1:15 was very refreshing, funny i also do something like that with 2 diff pianos in one of the last tracks for the game i work on myself.. ahwell. Im going to make a backflip here and land my feet on the 5 stars if you dont mind. -cal.

Neon-Bard responds:

Thanks a million for the review, Cal. Listening to Wires and Gates now is like looking into the distant past (in terms of music). Honestly, I think it's a pretty catchy tune -- the melody holds up relatively well and I'm proud of it. Now, that being said, I have no choice but to shake my head with inward contempt at some of my musical choices with this track. The mix is kinda shaky, there are some patterns that need work, and the track is a tad repetitive at times. BUT, I made this over a year ago now and I still consider my skills to be in the infancy of learning about music, composing, etc.

I plan on revisiting the entire LogicBots soundtrack some time this year, in order to learn more and create a better sound for the game in general. Anyway, your review is much appreciated -- thank you for the kind words. :)

I'm surprised I didn't see this one go up! It's been quite a long time since I've heard about how the LogicBots project was going, so it's cool to finally see something you worked on from it. I like the lead and the delay you had on it; I think it turned out rather well on top of the track. I'm actually more a fan of how you've done the background. The pads sound very smooth and really don't get in the way of the listening experience, but they do so much to add to the atmosphere. The subtle sweeps are strong in their effect. Very cool! The loop doesn't grow old after the first round, either, so kudos on that!

The guitar bits didn't bother me, to be honest, but I can see where someone may tilt their head at it. Personally, I like it. A little acoustic element inserted in there doesn't really take away from the "technological" vibes of the overall piece. Does this track play when you test the bot? I feel like the sudden dropout of the drums at 1:44 may be a bit too quick/jarring of a transition to the next part, at least in the context of background music. It's context-sensitive material, though, so I can't say for certain that it detracts from anything. I feel like you had a good idea of where you were going with it, so maybe it's intended and I'm just overthinking it.

I've never been good with mixing feedback, but I definitely don't hear anything that really bugs me. Everything seems balanced and nothing would overwhelm the in-game SFX. To me, that is the essential quality of this kind of music, and you've got it thoroughly in check.

Good work, Neon! :)

Neon-Bard responds:

Thanks so much for the feedback, DMO. It's great to hear that the track turned out as I intended it. As I mentioned in my description, there were some frustrating qualities about the track, but perhaps I am being a bit too harsh on my own work.

Wires and Gates plays while you are watching your robot as it traverses the puzzle or task that it was programmed to do - there are 2 other tracks which play during this mode of the game. I wanted these to sound upbeat and (hopefully) catchy so that you get that excitement of watching your work (in this case, programming) unfold. The 'building' tracks are much more atmospheric and finely detailed in an ambient way, so that players can focus on crafting their robots without too much sound interference. :)

Enjoyment to the max! I know how you feel, I am currently working on a song myself and I have been switching so much stuff around and I still cant figure out how to make some parts sound the way I want them to sound. The melodies themselves are great but I havent still figured out the right pattern for them but lets talk more about your song haha. I think you did a great job on combining diffent elements together being the robot sounds and the guitar and the melody is quite catchy too. I think its perfect for the game its used for. :)

Neon-Bard responds:

Thanks VGM, I'm happy that you enjoyed the song! It can be a bother when you are trying to arrange a song in a particular way and you almost have it, but it's just beyond your current vision. Sometimes I find taking a break from the project and coming back to it later helps! Also, if you ever needed to bounce any ideas off someone let me know; I'd be glad to help! :)

This is actually good it gives the touch of technology, although it isnt the best because of some parts but the rest is good

Neon-Bard responds:

Hmm I think I see what you are talking about when you say that "some parts" are well...lacking? If you are talking about the acoustic guitar portions, then I would have to agree. I wrote this song over 9 months ago now, and at first I really enjoyed the subtle detail that the guitar gives off. Now however, I think that this instrument should be removed altogether. I decided against removing it though because like everything else, music isn't perfect!

Thanks for listening, necrolax. :)

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