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I've been working for a long time on this piece, although the bulk of it actually got done in a surprisingly short timespan. Nonetheless, I think this could be the best I've done up to this point.

The opening pattern was inspired by hearing the sound of water droplets while I was showering. This is probably the most concrete and easily explained musical inspiration I've ever had.

A trick that I figured out in the process of making this piece was how to produce portamento (an even slide between notes) in Mathematica. I faced a bizarre problem for a long time in which the obvious way to create portamento (linearly change the note's pitch in the wave's expression) went further up or down than expected. Although I still haven't entirely figured out the math behind portamento, I managed to slap together a very complicated solution which I used for a couple of clips in this piece.

The title is partially due to my brother, and is in reference to the fact that the main rhythmic structure consists of 8 measures of 4/4 followed by 1 of 5/8. The rest can probably be attributed to the fact that I live in Seattle.

While I might say this is my best, that opinion is probably skewed by the fact that I've listened to it approximately eleventy zillion times. So, constructive criticism (or praise, or questions, or ways of counting to 10 in other languages, whatever) would be much appreciated. And make sure to check out my other music!

EDIT: Made the bass glitchier in a couple of places and improved mix & master.

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It starts out pretty well, it sucks you into this weird digital world and has a right ring to it. Would've fit really nice in a video game, but the melody that started kicking in at 1:37 felt really dissonant in a way that it didn't fit the whole picture.

You see in music there is no such thing as wrong notes, there are only bad solutions, but this piece started out good but, it just didn't felt right in the end.

I dig the way the portamento sounds in there. Has a chiptune quality to it.

The kick sounds kinda rough by itself, but in tandem with the bass it sounds pretty good.

The part that sounds like an 80s jazz guitar (that chromatic riff around 2:06 sounds awesome) works really well in the track.

Very Aphex Twin. I should start messing around with this Mathematica sound thing, it sounds pretty versatile...

secantwave responds:

Thanks very much for the kind words!

I was in particular very happy with the guitar part for this track. I had developed the basic groove and was wondering where the piece could go from there, and then figured "well, I recently acquired the ability to record guitars at college, why not just try putting a guitar in there and see what happens?" And it turns out it's a lot easier to write catchy riffs when there's already a rhythmic pattern going on in the background.

I am very flattered to be compared to Aphex Twin, although I personally felt like the piece was too straightforward for that comparison.

I've found messing with Mathematica to be very rewarding in terms of how I think about sound and music, and it is quite versatile, if you're willing to do your EQ elsewhere. However, I would only recommend it if you're a) very patient and b) _really_ like math. And of course there are other ways to generate sound from pure waveforms--Mathematica just does it out of the box, and I happened to have a free student copy.

this is different, awesome, i love the build up and different effects and what not, favorited simply for being so unique, no negative feedback to give, i really like it.
- Pandasticality

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Oct 25, 2014
12:01 AM EDT
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