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I decided to take a darker turn in my music and this is what i got. I only post to newgrounds in hopes of getting some more followers on soundcloud so if you like what you hear, follow me on soundcloud and expect a lot more. This is my latest release. Enjoy!
SoundCloud version has twice as much bass btw. so check that one out too, if your into bass.
SoundCloud Link : https://soundcloud.com/ask_steve


Here I am returning the favor, and since you decided to leave a comment on a piece that you're not accustomed to listening to, I'll attempt to do the same by offering some thoughts on a style that I don't really listen to myself.
And I really don't know what to say lol.
You can understand why when I tell you that you could certainly go darker with your music and I don't think you would have to do so by sacrificing any of the "fun" factor of the piece either. The motif in the beginning is interesting enough, and this piece certainly has the groove to get people moving. Even as it returns at 1:32, it sounds great to hear. The only gripe I have about the piece is the simplicity in the rhythm and the rest of the parts, but maybe that was precisely what you were going for, I am not sure. At 2:23 I expected a little bit more clashing sounds and multi-timbre instruments going on at once. Overall, it is a decent piece for sure. I'm just looking for that part that really brings some kind of closure as in that clarity in meaning with all the different parts.

AskSteve responds:

Yeah I just went for simplicity in this piece. I had a few different versions before i set my mind on this that were more rhythmically advance and had a ton more variation, but i really just couldn't go with it. It's definitely a 4 on the floor kind of beat where the bass dominates and makes people want to jump. Because producing music is what i want to do with my life, im just really trying to appeal to the audience i have for now, while still being able to do what I want with my music. once i have a bigger fanbase, and some success. then i can start branching out into more experimental tunes while still sticking to the roots in some way. Thanks for the review though. Im definitely going to look into that super experimental style of music your writing and try to see if i can incorporate some of it's uniqueness into something people can really dance to. At 2:23 where you were hoping for a little more variation.. it'll come soon enough. im working on a new sound to replace that and add a more subsonic feel to it, but im not good enough with sound design yet to just bang it out in an hour. Once i have that sound down, ill be sure to let you know. Again thanks for the review.

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