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Suddenly all alone

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An experiment went terribly wrong, chaos reigns... Suddenly a bomb drops, the hiding protagonist looses conciousness. He wakes up while hearing that melody from that music box. After a little rest he wanders through the world and realizes that suddenly he is all alone in this world just hearing strange voices from the beyond...

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pretty good

Azhthar responds:


This is probably my favorite track that I've heard from you, man. Great job!

What especially stands out to me is the music box and the way that you layered it and added some delay/echo effects to it by the sounds of it. It takes a line that isn't very complex and adds another layer on to it that pulls me right in and keeps me listening very intently. It reminds me a little bit of this artist Cast in Bronze who plays this keyboard type instrument but instead of strings it's bells.

Awesome piece, keep it up! :)

Azhthar responds:

I´m just listening to the tubular bells cover from cast in bronze. That guy indeed is amazing! Thx for the tip ;) Also thanks a lot for the nice review. Actually I wasn´t so sure about this track at the beginning. Thought there might be to much contrast between the two parts...

Probably should’ve expected it from your tags and description, but the amazing apocalyptic vibe you created was by far the most impressive thing about your song. The intro felt a bit sudden and jarring, but it soon made sense as the other instruments came in and the amazing mood emerged. Deep, booming basses, super-distorted guitar, dissonant, alarming synths… I think the only thing that could’ve made it better was that the drums could’ve been tighter and louder. Other than that, the mood was pretty much perfect. :)

That giant explosion you had at 0:39 was also amazing. The instruments that were playing faded out extremely nicely during the explosion. Sometimes, when you transition with a huge sound like that, the instruments playing before it don’t transition out very well, but your sounds weren’t sudden at all. You know, I actually wish the sound of the bomb was louder. :D Based on your story, this should be an Earth-shattering explosion! Nearly everyone dies! Don’t be afraid to go all out with your effects.

After the bomb, the music box made me a bit confused. To be honest, I hadn’t read your description until a few bars after the music box came in (sorry!), and it sounded a bit out of place. Once I read your story, however, I could see how the music box was an interesting element of it. It’s always interesting to see how people choose instruments when trying to reflect a story with their songs, and I think your music box, while initially a bit strange, was an interesting addition.

The ambience in the second half was great as well. I think your first half was still better, but the contemplative strings and strange, unintelligible voices make for a very nice mood as well. I think the first half’s mood feels a bit better is because of the volume of the second half’s instruments. I felt that the music box was mixed in a bit too loudly. Inversely, I thought the drums were mixed in too quietly! To me, it’d probably sound a lot better if you tweaked the volumes just a little. Also, one more thing I wish you’d added was a fadeout ending. Normally, fadeouts are taboo in musical composition, but I really like the image of a lone soul, desperate and alone, slowly walking away and losing hope for the future. But maybe that’s just me.

Overall, the thing I’d have to congratulate you on most is your creation of a chaotic and apocalyptic then desolate and lonely atmosphere. There were a few kinks to be ironed out, but I really enjoyed it. Good luck in the Halloween contest!

Azhthar responds:

Wow thanks a lot for that detailed review! I also had the feeling that the drums might be mixed a to quietly. I guess I´ll change that soon (actually they were much louder when I was starting to mix ut then they felt too loud and probably I reduced them to harsh). I´ll have a look for the explosion but maybe if I increase the volume too much it will wash out the rest of the track... Let´s see. Actually I didn´t fade out the track (or at least I did not realize...). I just used a ritardando and actually also cadenced the end. I´ll have a look on that, too ;) Thx again for the input!

Cool piece dude, and the story really sets the mood for it.
I know it's a tow part story, but I liked the second part the most, and I think it can stand alone.
Don't get me wrong the fist part it's great too, it's just a matter of taste.

Azhthar responds:

Thx a lot for the feedback! Actually I knew from the beginning that the contrasting parts might be a problem. Maybe a lot of people don´t listen to the end because of the rough start and maybe some other people are disappointed when the second part starts. That´s always a problem for soundtrackish music if you don´t see the moving pictures...

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Oct 19, 2014
9:07 AM EDT
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