The First Elf

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It's been a while since I released anything...just what is my deal?!

Anyway, it's a short piece at 1:18, but I think I managed to quickly tell a 'tale' of the awakening of the first elf. I tried to frame the track around the idea of storytelling in many fantasy games which happen to feature elves. Please let me know what you think! :)

VSTs used:
- Forest Kingdom II
- Shevannai


Wan't to know what I think ey?

I think this is fantastic. I really dig the quality of the vsti:s you used too. This sounds very nice and clean as well as dreamingly soothing, and I think you really managed to capture the atmosphere you were going for, so the name fits perfectly. Awesome job with everyhing, including mixing!
(Something longer would naturally be even better, as I'm sure you know already XD).

Neon-Bard responds:

Eduardo Tarilonte's libraries are wonderful! They tend to have that 'soothing' sound that you are describing - I'm glad that I didn't butcher the legacy of these VSTs haha! I will admit that this was mostly an experiment with new sounds, though I should have made it much longer.

Really glad that you enjoyed the song (even if it was short)! :)

This has the type of entrancing atmosphere that I'd expect from you. What's lacking in realism is made up for by the great balance of the instruments and memorable melody/harmony. I think it depicts the scene you were going for rather well! Really glad to hear something new from you, even if it is pretty short ;P

Neon-Bard responds:

Many thanks for listening, DMO. As short as this track is, it's good to know that there was a good balance happening. I will strive to create longer pieces in the near future! :P

I see you finally got those Eduardo Tarilonte Libraries! Really loved the atmosphere in this.
Just wish that it could have been a little longer but I guess you wanted to experiment a bit with your new Vsts.
Really nice work! Can't wait to hear what more you'll compose next :)

Neon-Bard responds:

Yeah! They are fantastic! I think I should have made this longer, too. As you stated though, this is just an experiment. Thanks Mattashi! :)

Wow, I really get some motivating and encouraging feelings while listening to this as like you mention "awakening" or like a hero on his final battle being able to win the fight in the last second x). Well done!

Neon-Bard responds:

Thanks VGM! Glad that the track, as short as it is, was able to conjure up those feelings! :D

This is wonderful Neon! Glad to see you again. Admittedly I haven't been around much either... Been busy with a lot of other stuff, but finally put something out a few days ago! Anyway, the voices sound really really nice, a little synthetic at times, but regardless I think you did a pretty good job with them. I wish the drums have come out a bit more. The flute sounds a little bit like a gliding synth a bit at sometimes, like it belongs in an electronic track... The melodies are really nice I suppose that the realism is where it falls short for me.

The atmosphere and emotions in the track are really lovely. It feels ominous and magical at the same time. I wish there was a bit of a fuller sound, perhaps if the drums were a bit louder, and a little bit more low end would be great. YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE THIS A FULL SONG. With some greater dynamics and counterbalanced emotions, you could have a really fulfilling track! As it stands though going a little over a minute, I think it's really solid. Not sure what else to comment on. Nice work!

Hope all is well with you :) Miss talking with ya, message me at anytime.


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Neon-Bard responds:

It's been a while, Ryan! The voice, from Shevannai, sounds marvelous...I love the whole library! I definitely could have been a bit more careful with their implementation though, I see what you mean by synthetic. As for the drums, I turned those down on purpose because I felt they were too loud haha! That's a quick fix all the same.

I'm taking notes on that 'realism' point; that is always something to strive for. I SHOULD HAVE MADE THIS AS A FULL TRACK! :D

Things are well, and I hope the same goes for you - talk soon, and thanks for the great review!

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