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Lurkin' in the Jungle

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Author Comments

I know this isn't necessarily considered world music, but I can't have every song under miscellaneous or experimental ._.

I wasn't really supposed to make anything like this today. Some part of me opened Cubase for no particular reason, and started playing around with percussion o.O
After a while, I had something weird, which I kinda liked, so I just went with the flow and proceeded by adding a few more things to the song :p

When I had only the percussion, I named this track "Jumpin' Jungle", but the flute and strings gave a more mysterious sound, and because I apparently lack all forms of imagination (that, or I'm just lazy) I instantly -very non-creatively- changed the name to what it currently is.

I heard tell that the claps don't really fit into the percussion, but I left them there anyway. I really have no idea how to do drums in songs, ever, at all. I wish I'll learn someday XD

The loop isn't as smooth as it often is, both because of a drum that disturbes the loop a bit, and because the melody isn't really of a kind that can stand looping.

Not much more to say about this one; I was just having some fun :)


This is really well done! For a loop that sits at 16 seconds in length, I am impressed at how much atmosphere this has. Mystery, intrigue, adventure...these are some of the words that I think of when listening to this. I like how the flute accentuates that feeling of mystery. The percussion makes this loop quite catchy, too.

The claps take away from the song, but not in a jarring way. Actually, I'm not so sure - they both fit into the song, and they don't! Not a big deal either way though. Honestly, I think you could have made this a bit longer, while adding new instruments.

This could definitely make a good fit in an adventure game. Well done! :D

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks Neon-Bard!
I'm glad you like the atmosphere, as that, along with the rhythm, were what I was going for with this short loop :p
I like those words you're thinking of too, and I think they fit this piece too, or maybe it's the other way araound.

I don't really know whether this would be better should I leave the claps in there or not, but as they were there originally, I decided to leave them in :/

And of course I should've made this longer XD I get this a lot, as I've been making a lot of short loops lately. Mainy I do so because my time is quite limited, but I want to practise a lot of different things (and genres), as I'm not that used to DAWs in general either :p

Thanks again :3

I like you use of percussion in this tune. It's very unique. What I like about your music, is that it's structured enough to give off some very distinct vibes, something that many musicians on this website cannot do. I appreciate your musical talent, keep posting awesome shit! :D

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

I think there is an insane amount of talented musicians on this website, known or not, most of them far greater than me XD
I'll do my best to keep posting stuff now and then :D

I think this could fit very well for a video game, like exploring an ancient temple. At least that's the vibe it's giving me :)
Nice work! My only complaint would be that it should be longer :D

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks! I think that much of the stuff I make could fit a video game setting, because video game music has been such a huge inspiration for me (as I'm sure it has been for many others here as well). I agree that this piece would be befitting for an ancient temple XD
And yes... I wish I had time to make it longer too, or to make longer songs in general at the moment. I'm having a hard time finding enough time and motivation to make anything long though, as I still have more than 60 days left in the army :p

The only thing I can say about drumming is make it emphasize the piece, not simply to give it rhythm. The percussion work in here is fun to listen to so you're not having a problem in this track. When I'm making my tracks, I've started to make each percussion pattern unique so at the end I'm getting about 8-10 different percussion patterns, and it's not even including sound effects. But each one is different in some way to make the piece a little more fresh. I try to take special care in making the kicks and the snare hits kind of accent notes and rythyms with my synths instead of laying down a steady beat.

All-in-all, it's jammin'.

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Those are some good tips that I'll make sure to remember and think about. I haven't really done many pieces with percussion at all, so I'm totally new to it. I know absolutely nothing of drums and the theory behind playing them in general, so I can only listen and experiment :p (I know next to nothing of mixing either, which is a problem as well).
I know I should make several different drum patterns to keep a song interesting though. I'll make sure to use this once I have time to make a longer piece (which regrettably will take a while) :D

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4.69 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2014
9:28 PM EDT
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