To Zanarkand (Piano Cover)

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This is me playing the very famous "To Zanarkand", from Final Fantasy X.

This is actually the very frist "real" piece I learned to play on the piano, and was also my main inspiration when I began playing; my goal was simply to learn to play this piece, as I knew of nothing as beautiful.
Well, I've easily played this composition more than 1000 times. Still, it took 3 takes to get even this good a version, which is a bit disappointing.
Most parts are good, but when I did a tempo increase at the climax, I increased the pace far too much by accident (while playing, that is, as I haven't edited the notes at all; I feel that I should leave all errors into this piece, as I should be able to play it well enough by now, and it makes the track seem more human).

The version I play is a blend between several different versions as well as my own additions, which over a long time period has developed into what it is today.

To Zanarkand has as far as I car remember been my favorite piano piece ever to exist, and will probably continue to be so for all eterniy. I don't know why, but I've always tried to be able to play this piece "perfectly". I'm beginning to think that no such thing exists though, as I always seem to find something at least slightly wrong. Maybe that's part of the beauty?
They say you have to do something 10000 times to master it though, so maybe I'll just have to play this piece a few thousand times more XD

Anyway, enjoy this marvelous piece composed by Nobuo Uematsu ;)

(- Played on the Yamaha Clavinova CLP - 230, reverb added with Cubase).


I have a very special place in my heart for this song and piano pieces, in general. Every strain of this is beautiful, both the delicate and the strong, and your piano skills definitely do justice to the theme. This is quite possibly the best cover of this that I have ever heard, and that my friend is saying something. Bravo!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot ChronoNomad! That truly means a lot coming from such a great musician such as you :')
If you like this cover, I'm sure you'd love Kyle Landry's cover!

It seems that this piece holds a very special place in many peoples souls. Not only is the composition amazing by itself, but it's tied to so many memories...

That was very beautiful played Lucid, your a very talented pianist :)
I loved your additions and I think no matter how much you play it you will always think that you can do better even though your already amazing at it. I have the same thing and I think many other artists have it aswell :)
So much nostalgia... I wish they could make awesome Final Fantasy games like that again it seemed it went a bit downhill after Squaresoft joined Enix I also miss Nobuo's work.
Awesome cover!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks, Mattashi :)

I too think that many artists feel the same about many things.
I've always felt that nostalgia is one of the most powerful emotions, which really shows in different forms of art. Everything that reminds you of the past, whether good or bad, impacts you a lot.
I miss Nobuos work as well, as well as the old Final Fantasy feel. FF XIII was a good try, but it doesn't even compare to the older titles :(

You're an amazing guitarist, btw o.O
Your cover of "The Choice" wakes so many feels :)

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