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This is a track Echo and I made for the HUGE Harmony of Heroes project, a fan-arrangement album filled with 101 arrangements of Smash Bros tracks! Check it out here.

This here is primarily an arrangement of the Encounter theme in Metal Gear Solid. You'll also hear the Caution Mode theme from MGS3 in the intro and even the MGS2 theme later! The voice was by a good friend of mine, Benjamin Gatt, and the guitar at the start is from the talented Pontus Lundén. Fun fact; the alert sound in here, despite sounding like the effect used in the games, is entirely original! It took quite a bit of research and playing around to get right, but I managed to emulate it through the use of brass.

Anyway, this was an adventure of a track to make. Echo and I went on a HUGE music-making marathon to finish this. We used FL Studio to make it, with various plugins, including East/West Symphonic Orchestra Silver, Hollywood Brass, Hollywood Strings, Stormdrum 2 and Pianos Gold. We also used Omnisphere, Vengeance samples, Cinebrass and VOXOS.

We wanted to make a track that not only appeals to Super Smash Bros fans but to Metal Gear fans. Being a passionate Metal Gear fan myself, I couldn't help but add little nods to the series like the voice lines being actual script from Metal Gear Portable Ops, and of course the alert sound which we took a while to perfect. Above all, we wanted to emulate what it feels like to get discovered by the enemy in-game. The tension right before getting found, the way the excitement is heightened after the enemy calls for backup, etc. Our aim was not just to arrange Encounter, but to make it FEEL like an encounter. It's a huge track, clocking in at exactly 7 minutes (or rather 420blazeit seconds) and we hope you enjoy it!

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I'm a man of few words....that was amazing!

Step responds:

Thank you ^_^.

I love the atmosphere at the beginning, and the spacey drums and pads (with portamentos at :39!) are just awesome. It sounds like my soul is slowly being sucked into the maw of hell by the powers of black magic! The riff at 1:04 gave this piece an ethnic vibe, and the production quality is amazing! I love the emotion and the sense of climax, and moments like 2:03 really help put this dramatic mood in context. The subtle synth arpeggios around 3:10 really got to me too. I love your style, Step - the neo-orchestral cinematic music with electronic influences is just amazing! 5:03 really got me re-oriented with the direction the piece was headed. Amazing sense of variation and originality. This is spectacular! Not only does this piece paint an image in my head, it physically takes me on a journey. At the same time, you maintain an excellent sense of coherence and flow, despite the fast-paced nature of it. Has anyone ever told you that you could make a living out of this? Because I think you can if you really set your mind to it. Hollywood's calling for soundtracks like this, Step! All you have to do is respond...Keep up the awe-inspiring work, my friend! I deeply regret not reviewing this earlier. :O

Step responds:

Whoopsies, just realised I forgot all about this review. I deeply regret not RESPONDING to this earlier. D:

First off, thanks a million for all those reviews you left me man. Huuuge amount of support! I have an ego the size of China right now hahaha. I'm really happy you picked up on all those little things which I gave particular attention to myself.

I don't know if you've played Metal Gear at all, but all the stuff up till 1:47 is an arrangement of the theme that plays in Metal Gear Solid 3 when the enemies go into "caution mode" (when they're patrolling and looking for you). The cool part about you calling it ethnic is that the original (http://goo.gl/WIxCsT) is actually very ethnic in itself, so that was a good observation! It takes place in a jungle, which is probably why.

2:03's voice-over is actually the same thing that the guards say in Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops when they've found you and are calling for backup. Of course, I couldn't just use the sample from the game so I got my friend Benjamin to record that and added a bunch of radio effects on it. That synth arpeggio is a nod to a similar arpeggio that appears in the Super Smash Bros arrangement of the Encounter theme. The bit at 5:03 is an arrangement of one of my favourite video game pieces of all time; the Metal Gear Solid 2 main theme... Echo and I put a lot of thought into this haha.

Yes, people have told me I can make a living out of this, and while I'm flattered, I don't think it'll work out. I'm just too worried about the unstable nature of a musician's career, and plus I'm deaf from one ear which places a few limitations on me when it comes to music production.

Anyway, this is some really high praise. I am super thrilled you enjoyed this, since it's one of the recent tracks I am most proud of. THANKS for the review!

The composition. The production. They're amazing. Delicious use of brass. My computer kept stuttering and I was like "dubstep remix?".

Step responds:

Woo, glad you like it! Yeah the stuttering is from the Newgrounds audio player. "Dubstep remix?" is PRECISELY the same thing I think when it stutters for me too haha.

Thanks for dropping by!

Great work! Sounds like it should be in the game, really! Being a fruitylooper myself I can only imagine the time and effort put into it. Awesome drops and fade downs, the vocals just make it so real, and the alert sound...perfection. Keep it up.

Step responds:

Hey Batzeus. Thanks for leaving a review! This indeed took a long time. I think Echo and I clocked in at around 30 hours of music production to finish this (I'd open the project file to get the exact time but it takes ages to open it with all the instruments/plugins it has and I can't be arsed haha).

Anyway I'm genuinely glad you like this. Getting positive feedback like this just reassures me that all the effort we put into it was worth it :). Thanks again mate!

Epic cinematics! Incredible. Everything about this track is GREAT. I can't think of any suggestions since this is as good as it gets, so I'll just enjoy listening. :D

Step responds:

Thanks! I kind of feel like this track is getting overlooked a little since it's personally my favourite from the three album tracks I was involved in, and it didn't get any reviews on Newgrounds or mentions anywhere else :(. Because of that, I really appreciate this review haha.

Thanks again, glad you like it.

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Oct 4, 2014
9:23 PM EDT
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