Samurai Dreams

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Hi Guyz :D. Here is the new track I promised you ;).
During my short absence from newground I friggin reached 80 fans :D!!!!!! Seeing that number really fired me up, and I think I might be back in buisness ;). Thank so much to all of my wonderful fans who encourages me to keep going, and especially thanks to all of you who take your time to write reviews for my stuff. Your feedback is both what keeps me going, and what helps me improve :).

I tried giving this sort of an oriental/japanese feel to it, so I used a melodic minor scale instead of the usual Harmonic minor I like to use :3. Hope it turned out well X3. Would be really helpful if you could leave a review telling me what you think about it :).

WARNING: Supercheesy stuffz incoming. If you couldn't care less about my emotional rambling, don't bother to read further XD. Just enjoy the track ;).
When I started making music december last year, I would never have thought that it would lead to such and amazing adventure, and meeting such awesome people :D!
(I know that was horrible grammar but english is not my first language so I'm safe)

I especially want to thank 4 people for the awesome support and feedback they have given me these past months. I know that there are many other people to mention, but these 4 has really kept me going through the rough times I've experienced lately.
Those 4 are Chemiquals, LucidShadowDreamer, BlueOceans and Dalexj1337.

@Chemiquals, you were the very first person to ever follow me, and the one who got me scouted in the first place. Your constant feedback and encouragement on my stuff has been my sole driving force for making music :).

@LucidShadowDreamer, thanks for all your nice words :). During times when I was convinced that I had no musical talent whatsoever, your encouragement and excitement for my musicmade me want to work towards something better :D.

@BlueOceans, you have no idea how much I appreciate that you use your time to write detailed reviews on a huge majority of the stuff I upload. I haven't had the time to take your points into consideration due to a limited time schedule, but from now on I'll definetly consider every point you point out in your reviews .
Thx alot :).

And @Dalexj1337, you are definetly one of thos fans I feel like I can connect to ;). You're always encouraging, and I think your an awesome guy ;). I absolutely love the profile icon you made for me :D: I use it at pretty much every place related to my music atm X3.

I know that I should thank every single of my 80 fans for being awesome enough to follow me, but I really been wanting to thank these 4 for a long time now :). Thus I'm dedicating this song to you awesome 4 ;). Feel special :D!!! I'm fully aware that this probably will go under your radar as I'm uploading this a wednesday night when none of you probably are online XD. That way I can get away with writing supercheesy stuff :3.

Ps. I haven't been able to give you guyz any feedback on your content lately, but I'll make sure to do it from now :).


New World: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/590871


NewGrounds is the home for people how have talent and tools to give us sounds like this one. That is what make this site so great, a collection of good and bad stuff (personal preference). And you really got it, awesome work. The only thing I do not like how it ends but a recurrent thing when I listing tracks on NewGrounds

Ectisity responds:

Totally forgot to reply to this =_=.
Thx for the nice words :). I know the ending is a bit wierd, but it was made like that in order to let it more easily be mixed with other songs. This song was a part of a a bigger collab album :).

better any song :-)

Ectisity responds:

Wow rly glad you liked it :D. This is definetly among my own favourites of music I've made as well :).

wow 80 fans already i remember when you just had 18

Ectisity responds:

Ikr :D. Thx for keeping up with me for all this time ;).

Wow, the first thing I noticed was how good the reverb effects are! I can tell you spent a lot of time on it.

I loved the transitions, especially the one with the pitch effect. Some people might complain about the ending, but I think it's fine. Also, I love what you did with the white noise throughout the song.

The main reason I'm giving the song 3 stars is because I didn't like the melodic work. The melodies sounded very messy and all the notes seemed like they were the same length. You used too many notes. Melodies can have long notes as well as short notes, and there can be a short break without any notes.

I disagree with the choice of your kick sample. This is the type of kick that sounds good in the lower frequencies, and it shouldn't be playing by itself. If you want to use a kick with mostly good low frequencies, you should layer it with another kick that sounds good in the high frequencies.

Thank you for the comment about me in the description. I think we share similar tastes in music, which is why I enjoy listening to your songs so much. Catchy dance music and jpop are some of my favorite genres.

Ectisity responds:

Thx for the detailed review BO. Glad you liked my reverb work :D. I just tend to like melodies with alot of notes so thus I often makes that kind of melodies as well. I'm actuallyquite satisfied with my melody work this time so I probably won't change it :).

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Oct 1, 2014
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