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OKAYYYY so i havent uploaded anything anywhere in close to a year here is a song that im close to being done with it takes along time to get going but its worth the wait i promise
any feed back is nice :3


I love this. it reminds me a lot of like prog metal. Or Djent. I love this. SO much.

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

i love it to i wish i spent more time on the bass when it drops but oweel:3

This is a really unique style of dubstep this which I really liked :D. I'm a big dubstep fan so it's always nice to hear new takes on the genre. I loved the melodies you had going this. They all fit very well together in a strange way which makes the song even more intriguing, The drop is flawless and really gives me that "rockin' head" feel that I love to get from dubstep :D. The synths were very well picked, though I think that the lead guitar- ish pluck could use some more presence, and maybe even another layer of something with an higher octave?

My only real complaint for this is the lack of breakdowns after the 1:30 long intro you never really go back from the drop. Everything that comes after that is one huge drop which makes it feel less like a full song. I wish that you would have added a breakdown in the middle somewhere to keep up the interest and to add some variation.

So overall I really liked this. It's a solid and unique track, which I really like :).
4/5 stars.

Let me say one thing here: I'm not a big fan of dubstep. It's really rare for me to face a tune of this style and really enjoy. This was one of these rare cases!
Really good work building up this one. That good melody is really important here, 'cause it set up a really interesting harmony.
Great job, 5/5 ! :)

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

thank you :3 i get alot of my roots from other styles of music hard style and edm death metal and what not ;) melody is key in the songs

Dubstep :P What can I say XD I'm a pretty big fan too~
This piece was aimed at glitch hop maybe?
I think that the timbre at the beginning of the pitch was too sharp, and there wasn't much depth to it (e.g, the bass)
I loved how at 1:05 you began to use that electronic bells kind of sound. The syncopation between that and the background noise was great, but there might be some dissonance that might needed to be checked (sorry~ don't know if the dissonance was intended)
The actual warpings of the sounds sounded nice xD and there were certain climaxes and drops.
What I think this piece really needs now is a final build up and a final climax and then a drop.
Overall I think this was a great piece!
you have a follower in me :D 4/5

RandomDanceOfHappy responds:

i wasent done with it quite yet but massive desided to be dumb and start crashing so if i open it to work on it crashes :/ ill see if i can get it working agen XD
:) ill start uploading agen soon
ty for the review :3

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Sep 29, 2014
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