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I finally acquired an audio interface, so I can record the guitar at college now! To celebrate, I recorded a preliminary version of a piece that's been percolating in my head for a long time now. The piece is entirely composed of guitars, unmodified with the exception of one clip that's been Paulstretched, and some EQ. Recorded in Tracktion 4.0.

I still consider this a first draft, so more than ever, constructive criticism (or praise, or questions, or general life advice, whatever) would be appreciated. And make sure to check out my other music!


Not bad in my opinion.
I'm always happy to hear people actually playing their instruments in their music. I'd do it too but I (1) haven't messed around with recording too much and (2) have nothing to record with other than a laptop mic. I can edit the computer fan out of the mic, but refer back to (1).

I don't hear stuff like this too much. It sounds like you've really tried to put an effort into the chord structures behind the composition. It's relaxing and kinda psychedelic in a good way. It doesn't sound like that easy of a piece to play. I can get the intro to Metallica's Nothing Else Matters down but I'm out of practice, but this isn't about me. Now that I think of it, it sounds like you didn't do this all in one clip.

I like what you did at 01:23. I wish I could have heard that effect you did more than that once. Even if it was only twice. It's a nifty thing you did and I want to hear it again. Being really nitpicky, I hear some noise/buzzing starting at 00:44. It doesn't hurt the song, but like I said, I'm being really nitpicky.

It makes me feel good, and I like what you did. Keep it up, and keep up the good work in college as well.

secantwave responds:

You are certainly correct that I didn't do this in one clip. For one thing, there are two guitars playing for most of this piece; but also, in order to get takes as close to perfect as I could, I split it into sections. I'm still not entirely satisfied, so I'll probably rerecord it after some more practice.
I too was really happy with the effect at 1:23. If the piece had been longer, I definitely would have tried to include it again, although even as it is, I think it feels a bit weird as the only electronic effect, so I may try and insert a variant somewhere else.

Thanks for the kind words!

I really like the guitar work on this, it's humble and mellow. I think it might sound even better if you recorded it through a live amp instead of a DI, but since you're at college probably not possible, eh? Still, a good piece. Keep it up,


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