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The finished version of a song I wrote called 'Cute'. It was inspired by a few crack-pairings, but it was mostly inspired by the 'Dear my teacher' manga.


She went to the store to purchase a costume
That she wants her favourite student to wear
A pretty little dress for her adorable body
and a pretty plastic crown for her hair
The games they play are a secret way
For her to show her how much she cares
Or is it simply lust that motivates her
Is there truly any love there

She waits patiently in the empty room
Waiting for her teacher to appear
The though of her abandoning her
Makes her shed a useless tear
She has always enjoyed the games they played
Her purpose as a toy makes her glad
If the love they share is pure and true
Then how can people call it bad

She's sitting in an empty room
Because she doesn't want to go home
If she can't be with the one she loves
She'd rather be alone

A love too beautiful to be forgotten
A lust too filthy to cherish
Romanticize to justify
What you understand is wrong
You don't quite understand
Why she likes to wear a suit
She strokes your hair and she smiles
She loves you because you're cute

She's sitting in an empty room
Because she doesn't want to go home
If she can't be with the one she loves
She'd rather be alone


I like the mysterious and somewhat Far-Eastern vibe that the beginning has. The sample of the girl screaming at :16 added to the mood considerably. The first half of the first verse got a little distorted by the white noise/effects. Same thing with the first half of the second verse. You might need to consider the equalizing a bit, or at least lessening the reverb a bit to create some space in the mix. I think you used way too much reverb on the vocals. I like the lyrics, but I'm not sure I liked how the vocals were spoken more than sung. The instrumentals were solid, but the refrain kind of sounds harsh (frequency-wise, not just because of the lyrics). I did think the melodies were incredibly catchy, though, and I liked the creepy, ambient and atmospheric vibe this has, especially the ending. It almost sounds tribal and ritualistic with the spoken lyrics and ominous mood. Part of me wants to strongly dislike this piece for some reason, probably because of the seemingly mocking vocals. Still, in the end I think I'm going to give in to your dark, creepy beats, man. I like it. XD Keep at it, Ti-on-suxandrox. ;)


ti-on-suxandrox responds:

Thank you, I don't know if you care or not but i'm going to talk about this song a little anyways, as well as your review.

That Far-Eastern vibe was pretty much what I was going for. There's a droning note throughout the song in the main riff and the verse which gives it a vibe similar to indian carnatic music translated into the format of a pop song, if that makes sense. The chorus features a chord progression played by four separate layers of keyboard, three vocal layers two layers of noise and two layers of drums. I could definitely see how it could sound harsh. :)

The lead vocals actually don't have very much reverb at all, the vocals you're probably thinking of are the background vocals. The first background vocal is singing in japanese, but it's used in a similar manner to how ghost notes are used in classical music so chances are good that you didn't hear those vocals or you thought that you heard the vocals but assumed that it was part of the noise collage that I used. There is a harmony vocal that sings pretty much exactly what the lead vocal sings with a lot of reverb on it, so that's probably what you're referring too.

Personally, I enjoy a dense mix with lots of reverb. I'm heavily influenced by Jesu, Boris and My Bloody Valentine if that explains anything and I think that the mix suits this song well, but each person has their own tastes I suppose.

I guess I was going for a bit of a CAN feel when I wrote this song, and based on your review I think that I achieved exactly what I wanted. Thank you for the review and the fairly high score.

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Sep 24, 2014
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