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Mysterious Calm

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Author Comments

People have been complaining about the short lengths of my pieces lately, so here you go!

This improvisation is about half a year old now, I think. Although there are both strings and vibraphone, they are not separate; I played a double track that used both instruments on my Yamaha Clavinova CLP - 230 :p

As one might assume, it's not too great of a song. Simply 23 minutes of the weirdness going on in my head. Some parts really suck, as I, if anything, have the opposite to a perfect pitch (I really have no idea what I'm doing...)
There's only one short line of melody and chords that I thought of on beforehand, and it shows up somehwere in this piece, perhaps even a few times.
The rest is just me playing around... I tried to keep things simple, and didn't try to play anything difficult (I think I recorded this track during night time, but it was so many months ago that I'm uncertain).
I really did my best to experiment outside of my usual range and chords here and there with this one, and I think I succeeded - for better or for worse. The transitions are suffering because of this, but I don't really care :3

I don't think that's there'd be any idea in listening to all of this (except for possibly as weird background music). The style doesn't really change much throughout this improv, and there are a million and one errors and parts that could sound much better.
I didn't edit this at all after recording it; I didn't even add reverb.

Anyhow, listen to it as much or as little as you like ;)

So yeah... I'm pretty certain that the next song I upload will be slightly shorter than this...


Wow 23 minutes! Really loved it! it's very relaxing and it does have an rpg feeling to it.
Your song gave me nostalgia, Kinda feels like a song that could have been used in Chrono Trigger.
Awesome work and can't wait to hear more :)

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Thanks a lot, Mattashi!
I can understand why this seems to give an rpg-ish feeling to people, as the instruments that are used are pretty commong in several rpg games :3
I'm sure this sounds like something that could've been in Chrono Trigger, but my main inspiration is surely from Final Fantasy VII :D

Your new album is astonishing!


I saw your four-minute song and was like "ooh, a longer song than usual." Never thought you'd surpass 'Clarity'. I was wrong. :P

So, this is impressive. I love the sound of vibes, and they fit so well here. Wouldn't have minded some accompanying piano, but that might've just sounded all muddled up. :D

Hang on. I've heard 0:32 before. Is this where part of Misguided Passion comes from? In fact, I can hear lots of stuff from your "older" (time-travelling here) songs that are reused here. :) Everything's a remix, right?

I've listened to the whole thing twice now, and I wish I could analyze it, but it does make extremely peaceful background music while I'm working. You're very talented, and an excelled improvisational pianist. Keep it up!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

That the that!

Lol, yeah. The length of my pieces tends to vary from very short to very long, as I'm sure you've noticed...
I've played single improvisations for more than an hour at times. Unfortunately, I've never recorded any of those... They don't usually sound good all the way through either XD

I don't think I could've fit a piano in here, considering it's only one track, and the most my electronical piano can play at once is two. I would've had to run the MIDI file a separate time for the piano, and I'm not so sure the result would've been that great...

I haven't consciously used 0:32 anyplace else at least :/
That said, a mind usually thinks in somewhat similar patterns, so a lot of stuff that is improvised here can be very similar to other stuff I've made (or will make). The part I was thinking of that I know I planned somewhat on beforehand is the part between 2:30 and 3:10. The rest is fully improvised, but as I said, it's difficult to improvise something that sounds entirely unlike something that has been made before. Sometimes I'm almost afraid to play exactly what comes to my head, in fear of it being "stolen" from something that I only unconsciously remember from long ago :p
As I mentioned in the description though, I have nowhere close to a perfect pitch, so I don't think I should worry. I really don't know what I'm doing when I'm improvising...

Listenend to the whole thing twice o.O? Well, I can understand that, as you used it as background music, but I think this piece gets pretty monotone after a while :p

Thanks for the millionth review or so, and for being so encouraging! :'D

you beast....

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

Hahha, thanks XD
I've got to say you make awesome stuff yourself too!

This may be the longest Experimental/Cinematic piece ever uploaded onto Newgrounds.

The whole piece seems very Adventure and/or RPG friendly. It seems to project a very mellow and individual feeling to it, the only-the-fly recording you did for it on the CLP-230 certainly works overall and I quite astonished by the quality of the audio considering this is unedited.

Please make more pieces like this!

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LucidShadowDreamer responds:

You think so? If this would've been a minute or so longer, the file size would've actually been too large to upload XD

This improvisation, along with a lot of my music is very inspired by all the Final Fantasy games (especially VII), so it's no wonder if it could fit an RPG :3
I really like the CLP-230 myself. It doesn't have many sounds, but the keys are great to play on, and the quality of the sounds is very nice. To my piano tracks, I tend to add reverb and some other stuff in Cubase, but I didn't feel like this needed any editing.

I will make more stuff like this in the future, I'm sure of it!

Thanks for the review and for all the kind words. All your stuff is quite amazing, btw!

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4.00 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2014
9:04 AM EDT
File Info
21.1 MB
23 min 1 sec

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