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oh god

so rushed







Anyway my last piece was one long developed idea so I wanted to do a piece that moved around a lot instead! Kind of like I wanted to do some sort of prog rock like song... But then because of work I really only had the weekend to work on it.

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Why have I not reviewed this? NUUU!!! Senior fall is just as bad as junior spring...that's why. DX Anyway, I love the climactic nature of it and the groovy synths. It has a denser texture than a lot of your pieces, especially around 1:30, but I like that about it. The (piano?) at 1:40 was a bit loud...the drums that come in shortly after the piano are cool though. I love how you transition into 2:48, but after that the rhythm can be a little disorienting at times. I LOVE that pulsing synth at 3:55 and 4:08 and other places...awesome. This is a very show-y and extroverted piece, Johnfn...I love it! I swear you will have my full support from now until the end of the competition...I just needed to settle into my schedule this year a bit. Instant fave and DL. Keep up the great work! :D

round 2 ngadm review ok lets go

got that demoscene vibe. those kinda 2-op FM guitar warbles are perfect!
i wanted to look at this as tracker music and forgive the rushed mix but yeah it's kinda wacky, like the rolling hats are just too much for example. generally it's all too sharp and not really balanced properly. the stereo imaging is generally quite nice, but that first little bell synth has this low-end attack under it which is awful to get thrown into one side of a pair of headphones.
your composition and drum sequencing here is simply sublime (think yer so clever with ya 5/4 m8, well you are), though some of the synths and sampled instruments are a little too basic even for module style stuff (dat bass guitar sound lol) and sometimes too harsh. lots of great sound design here though, i especially love the big rolling tremolo hits and the aforementioned FM work.

standout track of this round for me. great work!

johnfn responds:

whoa, glad you liked it so much midi! thanks for the review. paid a LITTLE more attn to mixing next time... but not a lot.. oops.

one day

You have a fantastic beginning here, with those three notes that help progress everything along. The reverb might have been a bit too much with both synth and percussion, but your transitions are excellent and the arpeggio slowly getting louder gives the song passion.
The percussion that comes in shortly after is a little off-putting and I definitely wasn’t expecting it. It might be a little louder than the other instruments, but I know you said your mixing was a little rushed, too.
I would have also liked to hear a little more rounded bass, rather than that one particular note now and then. The double beat that you have going on sounds a little bitcrushed, almost like it’s been converted one too many times, and so doesn’t match the production quality of your other instruments.
However, what really stood out to me was the compressor of the entire song. It sounds like you smashed all of it together and some of it ends up sounding a little louder (like the percussion in the first few parts) than others. BUT – it also makes your sequencers sound totally kickass. I would have loved the whole song to be like your works at 3:40, because oh my gosh so amazing. Just total ear candy here, with all the beautiful blips and arps flying all over the place, and it sounds like a video game soundtrack where you’re just entering the boss area and you need to find out a weak spot, pronto.
Love all your glissandos – you are a master at putting them right where they can show off the best! Plus, the song itself is intrepid and flashy, but not to the point of being obnoxious as some experimental tracks can be.
I’d even go so far as to say this was one of my favorites of yours, composition-wise – it was the mixing that did end up bothering me a bit. I would love to hear this fully mastered!

NGADM Round 2 Score: 8.6

Uhhh.... What Step said!
(Great job :D; favorited)

johnfn responds:

HEHE thanks LSD! :D

This is an NGADM Round 2 Review.


Ever since we've started using the audio playlists feature on Newgrounds for NGADM submissions, I've taken to listening to all of the submissions of a round in the playlist without knowing who made what. And damn, every single time this track popped up while I was listening to the playlist, I instantly KNEW it was made by you. Those smooth lead synths that you use almost like lead guitars with all their solos and pitch bending (and the classic 1:08 johnfn drum roll) are all instantly identifiable as yours, and that style of synths is one of the many things I always enjoy when listening to your music. Parts like 2:47 are simply a gift to the ears. Hell, all your composition is nailed. There's no shortage of likeable hooks in your melodies.

One thing which I think you did particularly well over here is jam-pack your track with loads of different ideas and make them work together for the most part. For instance, you've got an ambient and atmospheric intro, a 5/4 section with wonderful percussion work and then a seamless transition back to 4/4 with this huge soundscape made up of punchy drums, incredible glitch effects, heavy use of reverb and spacey/trippy elements everywhere. The sounds you use to represent these ideas are awesome, to boot. Highlights would be those looming bassy hits at 1:38 and the spacey glissandi at the end. Great stuff.

Now, I know this might come off as a surprise since it has NEVER EVER happened before with your NGADM submissions... EVER... but the mixing might've been rushed at the last minute. I mean, I've come to expect great mixing from you since I know you're capable of it and in your defence this isn't particularly bad, but parts like 2:47 sound messy and overcompressed, the snare was a bit too harsh at the beginning and could've been mixed in better, and the hits towards the end are obnoxiously loud and drown out the other elements rather than accentuate them like they should be doing. Also, yeah I agree the transition at 1:38 is a little abrupt, but man I need to commend you once more on transitioning back to 4/4 so well, so that sort of makes up for it!

Not your best, but still a blast to listen to. Love it!

SCORE: 8.9/10

johnfn responds:

Haha step forgive me! I normally have a only a single weekend to work on these things (i have a job and stuff...) and it's hard! :p it's especially hard to mix under such tight time constraints... Maybe I should just quit my job!

This song was particularly tough for me for some reason. I think it's because I decided to have it be made out of like 3.5 smaller songs. That was tough. heh

Thanks for the thoughts... I will try to leave some time for mixing next time ;-)

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Sep 8, 2014
11:59 PM EDT
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