The Cosmic Prelude

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Close your eyes and escape to the cosmos. Let all your cares subside and slip away into the void.

Created in Fruity Loops with the Nexus plugin.

This was made for the NGAUC.

Thank you for listening.

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This is very beautiful! So ethereal! It really gives the feeling of being out in the great cosmos, drifting endlessly. A very nice song to clam down to and escape the daily troubles of life.

Bardash responds:

Thank you for your comments and thank you for listening.

(Apologies for the very late review. Broken computer + moving into new apartment = QQ)


First thing I notice is the mix. Nice and balanced, volume is normalized properly. Great job keeping your stereo image in check, nothing blaring in one ear or anything like that. The intro bass has a nice phaser panning effect to it. :06, love that almost muted sounding pad synth. Strings echoing this pad sound was a nice touch on the high end, the bit of delay helped to bring it out despite not being too loud.

Chord progression wise, it is very reminiscent of many other things I have heard, in a good way, because honestly it is this type and style of sound that represents what you are trying to create. "Majestic" is probably the best way to describe the track throughout.

0: 46, 1:35 ish, there is are sudden chord changes and I was so glad it did. I know this type of piece is not meant for a lot of variation in that aspect because that is what keeps its slow, grandeur feel, but I honestly I feel like you could have put a bit of your own flair into it. Of course, you want to keep this atmosphere there, but I honestly did take off most of the points because I feel there could have been a more original touch to this somehow.

For what this piece is and the feeling you created while I was listening, it did quite well. I do hope you revisit this and approach it from a more original angle while trying to keep that majestic feel. Cheers and good luck with your future works :)

NGAUC Finals review: 6.5/10

Bardash responds:

Life got rather busy so I am sorry for this late response. Thank you for you comments. They are greatly appreciated.

This is a NGAUC Finals review. I apologise for the massive delay in reviewing -- but I have this piece on loop as I am reviewing it.

The piece starts off with its foundations nailed: deep, growling bass, and then other instruments coming in progressively. I do indeed feel like I'm watching a Star Trek opening credits scene (bar Enterprise; I'm talking about those orchestral or awe-inspiring themes). This is one I can listen to over and over again, and you've nailed the atmosphere beautifully. There is no bombasticism, only simple majesty. I have no complaints with your mixing either: you seem to have given every instrument its proper place and loudness (or softness). I can't say "instrument," really, but more "range of frequencies," since all of them seem to be synths. You musicians know what I mean! o.O

Your chords inspire awe and wonder, and your melody is easily recognisable. Now I know I could recognise chord progressions from places (but that's what we all do) and we pick out those that we think would be best suited for space, emotion, etc. Parts of it seem to evoke Band of Brothers, From the Earth to the Moon...

There is so much good in this piece, so much beauty, that I do honestly wish I could neglect that which needs improvement in this piece. But well, let's move on to that:

Much of what this piece is lacking is variation. It doesn't need to be great: subtle buildup, subtle tension and release, like the gradual fading in and fading out of a starry-sounding synth, for example. I could imagine this subtle tension and release to evoke the transitory nature of even the cosmos -- something so beautiful like this is still not eternal, and such a reference to it can be very sobering. If it isn't a synth that does this, maybe strings? Still keep the slowness and majesty of this piece, but in doing so, inspire a blood rush of sorts. I'm not sure how well I expressed this, but I hope you get the gist of what I'm saying. *blush*

At the moment, there is very little tension and release -- the atmosphere is one and the same for the most part. Instrument layering can really help, and so can dynamics. There's also a teeny bit of loud-soft about this piece -- which I think needs to be built upon. What I'm getting is a constant mezzo forte -- which is good for a start -- but forte? fortissimo? The passion in this piece is evident to me, but it can be made much more apparent.

The ending seemed a bit careless to my ears (I felt the F chord could be dragged, while the rest of it could be softened) -- the ending can make or break a moment of majesty. This is a matter of nitpicking, I should think.

These are the kinks I've managed to pick out about this piece. It is otherwise beautiful, majestic, calming and successfully creates a visual picture in my heart and mind. Much passion went into this and I do not doubt that you're on to great things. If ever you do revisit the Cosmic Prelude, please do: I look forward to hearing it from you once again.


Bardash responds:

Sorry for disappearing, but life got rather busy for a bit. Thank you again for your amazing insight and knowledge. I truly appreciate your comments.

I like the somewhat apprehensive and dark mood at the beginning, and how that slowly brightens until I get the vibe that there's a camera view opening up to display a beautiful scene, perhaps of stars (I see where I got that from now...). I enjoyed the chord progression and the instruments, and it has a beautiful structure so that the various ups and downs channel my emotions very well. It's very cinematic - reminds me of the title sequence to the beginning of a movie. That said, I also thought it was a rather safe piece and that you could've done a LOT more with it. For a pretty (though rather long) intro, it's good, but I felt like you were just getting started, and this could've been something epic with a little more...pop to it. It's the kind of music that'd really add to a film, but I'm not sure I'd listen to it on its own. I think you really missed out on an opportunity to do something riskier and more engaging, which is really too bad because you set up the mood and atmosphere perfectly. I thought the mixing was good, but its simplicity wouldn't have made the mixing too challenging. Overall, it's very pretty, but I think you could've capitalized on that prettiness more in order to produce a grander effect. I admire the progression and emotional qualities, though. Keep it up! :D


Bardash responds:

Thank you for your review. You are absolutely right when you mentioned that it felt as if I was just getting started. I took a risk with this piece and chose to submit it as I had intended it to be, a prelude. Eventually, I will be submitting more movements to complete the Cosmic Symphony. I was wrestling with the idea of changing the direction of the piece, but then thought to myself that would be cliche to turn it into a heart pounding, white knuckling, take a hold of your seats type of composition. I am saving that for a later movement in the Cosmic Symphony. I thought let me take a risk and give meditative music a little bit of love and attention.

Very relaxing -- great "zoning out" music, which I love. Wonderful sounds, although I might have added one more; something soft like you've already used, but to serve as a counter-melody. It would be tricky to do, because you don't want to upset the gentleness you've created. More of a personal thing, though. Plenty of people, maybe even most of them, would prefer this version.

Did you make these sounds yourself within the Nexus plugin? I'm not familiar with it, but it sounds like it's capable of some great things. Congrats on getting to the final round!

Bardash responds:

Thank you for your review. I was wrestling with this piece for a long time to see if I could add another voice to the composition, but it would always take something away from my intended atmosphere. I thought it would be cliche for it to morph into something more than what I have presented here. This composition is intended to be a Prelude and I am heavily considering continuing this theme by composing the First Movement of the Cosmic Symphony.

Nexus 2 by ReFX is what they describe as a rompler. The sounds that I am using come from packs that a person can purchase and it also comes with a bunch of free packs or built in packs. The packs that I had purchased for Nexus 2 are Hollywood and Hollywood 2. I recieved the Hollywood Synth package for free. One of the voices I am using (called Cyclone) in this composition is a Pad that comes from the Hollywood synth package. The other voice (called Highland Pads) comes from the built in package, Epic Pads.

Having composed with MIDI instruments most of my life, I have truly fallen in love with the Nexus plugin.

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