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My boyfriend and I broke up for about 3 weeks last month and during that time, I made this song and some lyrics, and I sang my heart out to it. I particularly like the instrumental though, so here it is. 2-1, I guess RnB? More people have been asking me about singing for their songs, so I really should be posting my voice with this...but whatever. No one's asking for it so i won't post it till then. Comment, rate, whatever. Enjoy~


You should post your vocal version, give people who are looking for a female singer a chance to hear how you sound in the mix. lol i think I recognize the 303 arp, you use Sytrus in this track? The track transitions between it's part nicely while keeping the same feel but kinda drifts on without the vocals though.

SynthGoddess responds:

I do use Sytrus-- good catch! And yeah I will eventually, I guess I should hurry up with that though, huh? And thank you for the input, it's greatly appreciated!

Not bad, in fact I love it. Very authentic in it's wake and kept me gravy all the way through. I even sung to it. Lol.

well this song is much more then RnB,
the melody is beyond perfect
it transitions smoothly
that 303 has a very good sound to it and it makes this alot more better
the drum beat is amazing and a great slow pace
sorry to hear about what happened but i would like to hear the version with your voice in it ^_^
depression is often something you can use to make a song, i've done that alot because i have depression and it sucks but i enjoy it because i can make music when im depressed
overall this song is awesome and i enjoy it very much, so much that its part of my favorites
what did you use to make that 303? its a very awesome sound
great job overall and keep it up, bad things happen in life and the best we can do is go face down and push through whatever life throws at you
i hope yo hear more songs like this because its awesome ^_^ keep it up!

SynthGoddess responds:

Thanks so much! Sorry the response is so late, you always make such nice comments on my stuff! I really appreciate the words of encouragement too, it's ben a battle these past few months but, you know how it is. Keep it real~

I like the melody and the general beat to the song but it seems basic to me. Like technically its solid and i feel the emotion that you said you were trying to portray but the synths are stuff ive heard a million times before and the beat is basic like I said its a solid song but nothing i haven't heard before. You have potential to grow because the way you arranged the song is perfect I just think you need to put more variety in it and experiment a bit. Overall its a good song, it just feels like its missing something. Dont stop making beats you have potential.

SynthGoddess responds:

I do agree with you, because of the way the lyrics of this song were, I had to keep the song itself rather basic. I guess i could work with it a little more to see what I can do to make it a little more unique. :3 Thank you for the review, too!

You never miss the most important and key thing in every song, Emotion.
Every song you produce contains this and this is why you will succeed where others have failed.
With every key stroke and note I can feel the emotion flowing through the song, and the amazingly hard work and dedication you put into each song until you feel it is completely finished.
I personally, would love to hear some lyrics to this as well as write some down myself.
Never stop making music.


SynthGoddess responds:

Thank you so much~! I guess I will go ahead and post up a little of this song with me singing in it...reluctantly, of course. Lol. Thank you for the kind words, they made me smile. Don't you stop making music either!

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