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Aug 31, 2014 | 7:46 AM EDT
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Rated 4.06 / 5 stars
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Author Comments

Been working on this one for a few days now. I think that I might be a schizophrenic because I cannot stick to one style of music for more than one song, haha. Anyway, I got some new tools and I was eager to see what I could do with them. I'm really trying my best to enter the world of "cinematic" music and I'd say this is about as close as I've gotten so far. I don't usually like to tell you what I was imagining when I create a song because I like to leave it open to everyone's individual interpretation. But... well I think this one's kinda cool so... haha.

The premise of this song is that the villain of a game/movie/show has won. For lack of a better term, this song represents the shit hitting the fan. I imagine it being the background music of the final level in a video game. It's not really meant to be a dynamic song for an epic cutscene, but more of a "driving force"... if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoy this one! I tried out a new mixing method and I really attempted to make this as layered as possible to keep it from getting repetitive or boring. Let me know what you think!

The beautiful artwork is from @gugo78 and can be found here -

(I recommend viewing this art while listening to this song!)



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yeah, I could hear that sense of "we are deep sh**" from this one. Various great things I heard. The electric guitar in there with the ominous vibe--nice touch! Loved this one!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

So I’m getting a sort of “lost in space” vibe from this upon first listen – I think the instruments, or whatever is playing in the background, is a little too quiet. The chorus comes in and it doesn’t sound like a chorus – just a synth. A blending or longer release of the chorus might make it sound more organic. I can hear the melody though, which is a big plus. The drums slowly come in and blend in with the radio static.
Reminds me a lot of Halo. I enjoy the piano keys at 1:32, which give it a desolate feel, and you’re clearly building up tension here for something with the drums. I also enjoyed the random vocals at 1:45, which were almost like a sing-yell.
Although the instruments are good and arranged well, I find the problem here to be that the song lacks that breath-taking factor – it’s all good music, but it’s music I’ve heard before in hundreds of soundtracks and very basic stuff. I do very much admire the work you must have put into this mix-wise, because it truly sounds wonderful on my speakers, through my headphones, and on my laptop… but it’s just missing that certain something that really gives a song its long-lasting effect. There’s not really any particular instrument that stands out, other than the random piano, and the drums don’t really go anywhere. This is a cinematic piece for sure, in that it helps enhance a scene – but I’m not sure what scene you were going for here.
Your keywords were “epic”, “war”, or “end”; I got something more along the lines of “space”, “emptiness”, or “stealth”. It wasn’t excitable as a war track normally is – war is passionate, filled with spontaneity, and is indeed epic, but your track here is very low-key. Perhaps if you went with something like “espionage”, I’d be inclined to agree!
Overall – great mix, good instrumentation and arrangement, but I have heard it done before. You took a leap with your mix and did wonderfully, so big kudos to that!

NGADM Round One Score: 6.8

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Chemiqals responds:

This wasn't actually for the NGADM! =P That was "Swan Lullaby". Thanks for the feedback on this one though!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Well, this is actually quite a bit better than I expected! Judging from a standpoint where I'm aware that you're new to this genre, I'm positively surprised. Even if you weren't new to this genre, I would still consider this a solid track with a well-crafted atmosphere, great choice of sounds and a fantastic mood. So yes, all in all, certainly not bad at all!

You kick things off with a very good intro. The static and subtle radio effects sell it for me. I would be even more impressed if you did it all yourself rather than slicing up a free sound effect or something, but nevertheless I think you did a great job with it. The choir sits atop your bassy soundscape very nicely, and everything cooperates to create a pretty intense yet restrained and low-key mood. The little atmospheric effects like the one at 1:43 are just the BOMB by the way! I'm actually interested in where you got those sounds from, since they're sweet.

After the great progression from the intro we're treated to mostly atmospheric fluff, which leads me to a point that other reviews have also mentioned. I too was hoping for something a little more noteworthy in the track, whether a new dynamic section, a melody-driven section, a change in style or in key, etc. I mean, even to put in the background of a film/game I would find this a bit too uneventful. I mean, what you've got here is actually considerably well-made, but as Jacob pointed out there's plenty of room left to explore without needing to turn it into some epic trailer score.

Another thing I noticed is something which MIGHT have come from your electronic music roots. You seem to reuse certain patterns and sounds a lot. For instance, the synth at 1:10 - every two bars it plays the exact same pattern, just in a different pitch, and 2:30's synth and the electric guitar suffer the exact same issue. On top of that, 1:46's motif (which is awesome by the way) is played ad nauseam throughout the rest of the track.

My point is, while this isn't traditional orchestral and has a lot of other electronic elements and even an electric guitar, I still believe that it should sound organic and with subtle changes in the patterns used to build your atmosphere. On the plus side, you do have a lot of different patterns layered together, and some nifty atmospheric effects as mentioned earlier, which do help, but with a static chord progression and such a large repetition of patterns, I'm afraid it falls somewhat short of organic and does get pretty repetitive as MirgilCando pointed out.

Something which certainly doesn't fall short is the production though. Everything is tastefully mixed and balanced well, apart from the guitar which I think could sit at the back a little more. I actually don't think you need to turn its volume down per se, but just nudging out some of its high frequencies and maybe giving it a few more lows to compensate would make it penetrate the mix a little less and sit neatly in the background (which is, in all honesty, where it should be, since it doesn't play anything particularly profound to warrant it being upfront and heard in the foreground).

While I do think you could've put a little more effort into the variation of this track, your mood, atmosphere and choice of sounds are simply on point, and you've made a pretty damn solid cinematic track! Great job.


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Chemiqals responds:

Thank you for the review Step! I really appreciate it! I'm so glad you enjoyed it despite its flaws!

Haha yeah, the radio effect was fun. I didn't create the sounds. I just created the patterns, length of the effects, and of course the mixing. Each effect was a separate sound, but it certainly wasn't some crazy feat of ingenuity on my part. =P

I used Cinematic Guitars 2, Evolve Mutations 2, and some Spitfire libraries for most of the atmospheric stuff! I probably went through a hundred different sounds in each library to get the right combinations so I'm really happy you liked the atmosphere of the song! =)

I think I'm partly just making excuses for myself. I know I can do better when it comes to the tone and the pace of the song. I really need to study more music theory and learn a lot of the basics still. I do almost everything by ear and while I think I've gotten better over the past year, I still have a lot to learn. I still don't fully grasp what makes a good chord progression or how to effectively change keys... stuff like that. Which may be ok for some electronic genres... but it's a lot more noticeable here, I think. You can certainly see it in my reuse of certain patterns. I tried to add some variety with the choir and the drums, but I feel like I'm too scared to change things up lest I mess everything up, haha.

I'm quite surprised that I've been complimented on my production as much as I have been! Thank you for that! I feel like I'm getting better when it comes to mixing, but I do wish that I could attribute that more to skill than playing it by ear. The production on this song could be a complete accident, haha. That's another field where I could do with some tutorials!

Anyway, thanks again for the detailed review! I means a lot to me! I'm gonna take my time with my next cinematic song. Watch a ton of tutorials and not cut any corners. Hopefully I can make something that will at the very least, show improvement on my end! ^_^


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Yes this is great--nice groove, synths, guitar part, and effects. Very inspirational.
Really can't offer you a long review as Jacob, Peter, and Luny has, but I do at least want to say that I enjoy this.
One thing I'll mention is that while I read your description prior to hearing this track upon its completion, I really expected more to "hit the fan" per say. It didn't get crazy where I thought warranted that kind of description for this piece. But this is still good nonetheless.

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Chemiqals responds:

Haha yeah, I suppose that description may have been a bit a bit of a hyperbole! It was less about the intensity of the music and more about the tone for me. It's meant to be the background music DURING gameplay (at least that's what I had in mind while making it) so I didn't want it to get too crazy or dynamic lest it become a distraction to the player.

Haha, it's kind of silly that I'm defending it as if it's actually part of a game though. Guess that doesn't really hold up when it's just in my imagination! =P


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Wow, just wow. To start, everything is mixed and put together really well. Not a single point did I think the quality of the work ever slipped. It's a great piece, although the only complaint I could think of is that you re-use a lot of patterns that I think could have been changed a bit to make the piece more alive. Otherwise, the percussion is spot on. Not too loud or "in your face", it accompanies all the melodies very nicely. The melodies themselves were very ambient and moving, and I really enjoyed the transitions. Amazing work, keep it up.

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Chemiqals responds:

Thank you very much! I'm so glad you felt that way! The repetitive bits can certainly be attributed to my roots in electronic music. I need to keep working on that! =P