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~|Ultros Crashes the Opera|~

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Author Comments

My Last song in the Video Game Portal, From now on it's Classical, Goodbye Guys,



I used to play piano some years earlier, but I wasn't motivated. I stopeed, even if people told me I was a pretty good pianist for the amount of time I've played of it. Now I see what I'm missing there.

You know what? As I'm listening to your music, I'm getting more and more motivated to restart.

One thing to tell you, Klace > Thank you! :')


Now, about your song.. it is really uplifting, really well played despite of the very rapid rhythm! The reverb fascinated me! Superb song ^^

Oh.... Nostaligia and my fingers can't hold still.

It's people like YOU who make me want to play the piano more. During this past semester in college, I had such a nightmarish time that I had to cut piano playing out just to stay sane. It sucked. Songs like this cand composers and musicians like you inspire me to play once more, and I've been trying to pick it back up more during this winter vacation. Thanks for being a great contributor.


there is something silly about this song. it makes me laugh on the inside. very nice. now i have read the reviews for this piece and allow me to make a few potentially nearsighted comments. one. there are very few people who can reproduce music in original ways, let me ask all of your downvoters this. when a pianist plays mozart, are they hacking his style? no because music is something to be interpreted, and improved upon. two. Klace, saying someones jealous was probably not the best way to handle a situation. but to be perfectly honest i know where you're coming from. so don't make war with people who have nothing to do but bitch. there i said it. and if any one gives you anymore guff get me a name and a city and they'll be dead in a week. keep doing what you're doing. it makes people happy whether you're reusing music or making your own, music is the only universal form of communication. do whatever you feel is right.
(Gold Star*)

Klace responds:

Hey thanks for the review Nate.
I know calling him Jealous was not the way to go but I get tons of reviews and PM's of his sort Amd i'm getting tired of it.
All because of a little misunterstanding.

"Because my Music sounds like MIDI's you get on the net."
Answer: My Music Is *supposed* to sound like MIDI's on the Net because my music is *supposed* to sound like the Real song, and MIDI's are Made to Mimic the Original Song note for note, so you cant blame me for making game songs how they are supposed to be.
That is why I'm leaving the Video Game Portal and Moving to Classical.

Also with Illegally downloading my Programs, I don't do that since I'm gonna be composing my whole life, and I want to get the tools that i'll be needing forever out of the way so I can focus on improving, not getting money.
I hope you people who think I steal read this so you know I don't steal and you can stop downvoting/reviewing my Pieces.
Except for David Orr, I don't care what kind of reviews you give me because your music is awesome XD

Let me explain something:

Step 1; Open FLStudio 5/6.
Step 2; Download midi file, insert into FL.
Step 3; With no effort, use one of your illigally downloaded plugins such as Edirol or Garritan.
Soon to be East West.
Step 4; Replace instruments.
Step 5; Add tempo changes
Step 6; Submit.

This is the recipy to become the most pathedic scum at newgrounds.
I only like your one last song you did with your keyboard, even though it was off-tempo and everything. Because there actually was some feckin effort.

And don't give me that "bought" bullshit.
You couldn't make music for shit until SmartPoetic told you how to midi-rip.
and NOONE would buy those VSTi's when they're that damn new to the whole composing thing.

Klace responds:

Another one of these reviews.
To start it off, I do not MIDI rip, I import the MIDI Into my Finale Demo, then get the Sheet music, print it out, then play it, so yes my music resembles that of the MIDI's I used to compose it.
As for Ilegally downloading my software, I wouldn't do that at all, especially when I plan to be composing pretty much my wholf life onward from now.

I can obviously tell your just jealous, because otherwise there would be no reason for this review at all.

I used to like your music, but now you've got a downvoter, Good day.


Why do you gotta go?

Your piano versions of video game songs are superb, so why do you need to stop making your spiffy songs? Is it your out of ideas?

Anyway time to review! Okay to be honest you are the one who made me like pianos again because, you made pianos fun again due to your fast playing speed, which is seen in this song. Overall I would say this song does justice to the original version.

Klace responds:

Thanks alot!
I am stopping submitting to the Video Game Portal because I have lots of projects to work on at the moment regarding composing for some games and movies.
I will submit from time to time, but rarely from now on, most of my stuff will be in the classical portal from here on out, I'm glad you enjoyed this song and it's always good to get a review from someone I know and enjoy!

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Aug 14, 2006
8:35 PM EDT
File Info
3.4 MB
1 min 28 sec
4.11 / 5.00

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