~SW~ Magnet Subway

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Hi everyone. So, camo didn't work on this track, but still. (We have plans for something) I had sketched out a raw idea before the contest (and yes, I checked with Step. It's cool.), then after my computer was fixed got REALLY REALLY INTO MAKING MUSIC and put together the idea within the last two weeks. I think I did a good job.

Do you? :)

(This track was inspired by Mr Bill, Buoy, Caravan Palace, and johnfn, in different sections, for different reasons. Also, some electric guitar samples by divofst, which I asked for way back when I had the idea and never expected to actually end up using without asking him to rerecord them)


- Yes, I know the drums are kinda buried in the climax but holy shit there's so much going on there it would be hard to keep that from happening. Also, for some reason there's some phantom distortion toward the end from the keyboard. Sometimes I hear it, sometimes I don't, and I have NO IDEA WHY.

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This is a NGADM Round 2 Review.

First, here's a breakdown of my score:
Production: 28/30 (Great)
Composition: 27/30 (Great)
Instrumentation: 13.5/15 (Great)
Originality: 8.8/10 (Great)
Interest/Emotion: 13.5/15 (Great)

Total: 90.8/100 or 9.08/10 or 4.5 stars (Great).
The Good (or, rather, Great):
- Very skyewint, so fusion, much great. Wow.
- There was always something new going on here and there, which kept me listening carefully. A lot of diversity in 4 minutes even though it didn't "feel" diverse. I think that's perhaps your best gift as a composer, is being able to find a way to always make your work diverse yet still have it convey the same meaning across fusion elements.
- Production, sounds are very Skye. 'nuff said.

The Not-So-Great:
- I felt the tuned wooden taps that were going on were a little stick-outish. I swear I thought someone was knocking on my door at one point. You could probably cut them out and not really lose anything.
- I think it would be nice to hear some traditional subway noises other than the ambiance at the start. Not required, but nice.
- Drums might be a bit dry imho, esp with that wet Civ III-esque claves going on. :3

SkyeWint responds:

Oh, you used my review format with a little more score detail thingy at the top.

The little tuned tap clave things were a little cool thing I found and thought I should put in for giggles. Also, liked the sound of them. <3

Drums are a bit dry, I guess. For the most part. Plenty of percussion, I felt. Didn't need any extra stuff.

Fantastic work, Skye. The introduction starts out in a beautiful ambient way, with the subway background sounds adding a lot of depth to the synth you bring in at 0:08. I just have to say that coming out of the gate, your transitions are brilliant. Also, due to your inhuman attention to detail, they are even more impressive. The best transition, in my opinion, is the one at 1:44. Man, I think I had to go back and listen to that (at least) a half dozen times. You really have a knack for creating really relaxing, rich atmospheres. Again, like your last track, the atmosphere here is awesome. I can definitely hear the johnfn inspiration. Continuing on, I thought the guitar at 1:09 (and then again at 3:29) was a great touch. In fact, I would have liked to hear more of it! The main synth you use, has an almost jazzy quality about it – very catchy! Those pad swells near the end that you use occasionally use are quite something, too (2:36, 2:42 and 2:49 as examples). I liked how you phased everything back during the outro (while keeping the detail heavy), very fitting in my opinion.

I'm not going to bother talking too much about the 'clutter' towards the end, you've heard all about it. Those drums need to be tamed haha! Anyway, I will reiterate what Step said though, going from such a crisp sound to something that sounds blurred was a bit disappointing. The plucked synth sounded odd (yet fitting) during the portion between 2:23 – 2:36. As strange as it sounds, they worked, but there was something about how it sounded that threw off the main synth. I would have left the plucks out...but that's purely a subjective thought on my part, of course.

Once again, you've created a great track. Let's see what you cook up for next round. :)

Score: 8.75/10

SkyeWint responds:


Transitions are one of my biggest pet peeves, it'd be a bit odd if I didn't give way too much attention to detail in them. ;)

The guitar was an idea I had while writing the keyboard solo at 1:09, and it ended up turning into one of the main themes, lol. Go figure.

The impact of each new chord wouldn't have really worked without that pluck sound, unfortunately. :( It was a bitch to mix though, and that probably was what threw off the mix the most. The drums at 2:10-2:36 were actually intended to sound overcompressed - there's something about the overcompression of the high-hat when you make it choppy from the kick which sounds really cool IMO - it appears in a lot of metal music. Can definitely see why you'd want the drums to be tamed.

The plucks at 2:23 were an idea I had to keep the energy going in that section - I guess I can see why it might have thrown you off, though.

I made the main synth from scratch! :D That one doing all the arps and a solo right before 1:44! Yay, yay.

Got something from the other side of the field for this next round. <3 Get ready!

Dude, this is freaking awesome! I love the instruments and mood! You pull off this rather daring combination of emotions extremely well. It's pensive and relaxing at times, yet also energetic and in-your-face at others. Sometimes, it was a little too busy for my tastes, though, like at 2:23. I love the constant sense of direction, and the voices at the beginning and around 3:10 were a nice touch. I can totally see how you were inspired by Johnfn. It's very surrealistic and atmospheric...creepy in a way. I love your style, man. You and Camoshark are going to go far in this competition. Also, thanks for back-up judging in my competition. ;D

SkyeWint responds:

Hahahaha, 2:23 (and that entire area) was directly inspired by Thwekz, by Mr Bill (which I HIGHLY recommend).

The voices were part of what inspired the subway part of the title, they just fit almost perfectly.

No problem with the judging. Hope to see you again :D

This is an NGADM Round 2 Review.


Oh yes. This is my second favourite submission from the whole round of the contest, and in my opinion it's well-deserving of that rank. I believe that you did an absolutely splendid job with this, and your insanely careful attention to detail simply solidifies that belief. You have a decidedly diverse and distinguished amount of details scattered throughout the track, backed up by the skillful execution I've come to expect from you. Details like the miscellaneous subway ambient noise that plays at the start/end, the brief visits from that silky synth at 0:42, or the subdued reintroduction of the guitar at 3:29 are subtle yet very welcomed gifts to the ears. However, it's when I heard the subtle sonic variations on every iteration of the snare hits that first come in around a minute and a half in did I realise that this is no ordinary attention to detail, but an undisputed "Skye" attention to detail.

There are so many things I love about this track, but I'll mention just some of the more notable ones over here. Your intro is simply glorious. The plucked synth you introduce eight seconds in sounds great and, just like your snare, has a subtle variation on its sound each time it's played, probably done with a flanger or phaser of sorts. The best thing about it would be how it throws you off rhythm until your (absolutely awesome and clean-sounding) bass pattern and four-on-the-floor kick beat are introduced. Progression from then on was very enjoyable (and flowed well thanks to your almost always faultless transitions), and you have some fantastic compositional ideas that really bring the track forward.

One of the main issues I have with this track is the clutter during the climax. The lead synth is very upfront and heard clearly, but everything that's supporting it (save for maybe the plucked synth sound) is just buried and hard to follow, creating a lot of clutter and muddiness. After hearing such clean and airy sections with just the bass, drums, plucked synth, guitar and effects, taking such a messy route in terms of mix was a bit of a disappointment. I also kind of think your ending is a little lame. I like your idea of ending it in an understated manner, but the reverse effect personally throws me off, since the song keeps on going for a fraction of a second after the reverse effect is played. I thought that was an odd choice, and it made the ending sound a bit unsatisfying. Mostly a stylistic and opinionated issue, of course.

Overall, unlike your Round 1 submission, this is full of great compositional ideas, yet just like your Round 1 submission it has super enjoyable sound design and a unique sound palette. I genuinely can't wait for what you guys cook up next.

SCORE: 9.5/10

SkyeWint responds:

I talked with you on Skype.

Mixing this was a bitch and a half. :D

And I didn't have many ideas for the ending which didn't sound worse than this, so. Satisfied with that.

The way you mold audio to fit your vision is really something else. This is really nice.

SkyeWint responds:


Love you too.

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Aug 25, 2014
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