Death of a Hero

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Written for the NGAUC knockout round, depicting the journey and death of a hero.


Wow, this is a really great song. I'm so jealous of how talented you are with this kind of stuff Q_Q I still remember [attempting] to compete with one of your songs a while back and being utterly blown away lmao

Anyways, on the topic of the song itself, I really have no complaints about the structure, nor the melody. However, in terms of clarity, I think a few sections are a bit muddled (as in nothing stands out enough); this mostly has to do with the parts where everything is playing at once. The drums are really well done, and the quieter sections incredibly executed, but the part near the beginning where the chime's mixed with the hit thingies sounds a bit muted to me. It would help a lot if the instruments/tracks were a little more separated from each other, instead of fighting for dominance in some parts.

Again, the song is really, really good, so I'm just commenting what I know :P For the most part, the biggest issue I have is that a few sections feel a bit muted; otherwise I'd give this a perfect score.

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bassfiddlejones responds:

Thank you for the thorough review! Part of the muddled-ness is probably my skill level at mixing, but I also didn't want the glockenspiel to be too overpowering in the mix. It's meant to be a supplemental instrument in this context, to help accent melodies and whatnot. I appreciate you taking the time to review, thank you!

@ 0:48 -- increase the volume of that piano! Just disable the reverb on it at that point!

The reverse fx near the end really makes the track unique. I may steal some of your ideas o.o

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bassfiddlejones responds:

King Bosa! I shall take your advice once I have time to polish up the track. I'm glad you enjoyed the reverse fx - it's actually the last piano part reversed and laid twice over the part playing forward in real time - thought it would be a neat way to signify the "death" part. You are always more than welcome to steal my ideas - 'tis an honor!

Okay, I love the contemplative mood in the piano and later in the strings. You transition into :35 beautifully, and it has the vibe of passing time, like a montage in a movie. The combination of moods is very well done: I picked up on apprehensive, wonder, innocence, and even pensive in there! I love how you transition back into the flow-y piano music at 2:18, and I must admit that your mixing and mastering is near-flawless. One thing that bothered me about it a bit was that is was VERY fast-paced at times, and I think you could stand to flesh some of these ideas out a bit more. For example, I love the moment of haunting beauty from 1:38 - 1:59 amidst all the drama, but it was very short-lived. I would've loved to hear a full 45-second breakdown made out of it. While we're on the subject of drama, I think the fast-paced nature of the piece might even take away from the dramatic effect a little. Why not capitalize on your beautifully established apprehensive mood going into 2:16 and have an eruption in drama! Melodramatic is always good in music, IMO. I think you have a good deal of dynamic contrast in here, but I suppose it couldn't have hurt to have a little bit more of a "relief" dynamically between :35 and 2:18. This is a fantastic piece, don't get me wrong, but all things considered, it's rather short. You're doing some great things here, Bassfiddlejones. I'd encourage you to really go for it in the final round (because, tbh, I think you just landed yourself a spot in the final round), because this piece's perks could be even grander! Amazing work, though. I'm very much looking forward to hearing more of your work. ;D


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bassfiddlejones responds:

Thank you again for such a detailed review! Sadly, time constraints kept me from elongating the track, but you're right - I originally had planned on lengthening the dramatic parts that you've mentioned. I actually think I'm going to revisit this piece in the future and will likely use some of the critiques you've brought up here!

So glad you enjoyed the piece. I'm planning on going all out in the next round, using a few live instruments in my arsenal!


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bassfiddlejones responds:


Good one! Nice piano intro - the amount of reverb is well chosen - most people in tend to use too much and the lower notes tent do become washy - not in your piece! The transition to the orchestral part works very well. All the instruments have enough space to breath and everything just feels weell fitting. Nice snare drum action - i liked the hollywood style orchestral hits. The sequence after 1:40 is really awesome - especially the climax from 2:00 - 2:10. You are truely a master good sir and i am sure you will win the whole competition - i believe in you and my support is assured.

All the best mate!

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bassfiddlejones responds:

Thank you for the kind words, friend. They mean a great deal coming from a composer of your stature!

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