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War Machine

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Author Comments

When it comes to the way I make beats, I'd like to call this a work of art.

A collage of obscure samples, this is my entry for the Newgrounds Underdog Competition: Round 2.

I hope you enjoy it. :)

Hook Vox:
Dressed up sharp in suits of green and placed upon the War Machine
Too many puppies are not like me

FL Studio 11
FL Sampler
Wave Traveller


I love these chill beats I really do cos you can play around with them and you can add alot of melodic and rhymic elements to it

However this piece is rather lacking in composition. For me at least.
Its repetitive and those dissonant sounds isnt really working although I love those vinyl sounds on the beat.

Production is ok there is a bit of mud but cutting some low freq. may fix that (50herz maybe)
I gave a 4 because I feel like composition here is neglected the transitions are abrupt. Its repititve. And like what TheDoor6 said it ended abruptly.

But its still a really cool "beat" and "samples"


The bizarre chords at the beginning are a little disorienting at first, and I think the drums are a little too punchy at times, but I grew to like them more by the end. The pauses the drums do for the first 30 seconds or so sort of just add to the disorienting nature of it IMO. I'm not a huge fan of all the muddy distortions you have going on here, especially in the stretch from around 2:00 to 2:45. It's rather minimalistic throughout, as well as harmonically bare, and I don't think your vinyl scratch transitions really worked for me either. The part after the 3-minute mark is a bit better, though, I think. I like the dark mood you started introducing there as well as the instruments and variation in chord progression, though slight. The ending was disappointing, though. It kind of just stops abruptly...it's not very conclusive at all. It almost gives me the sense that this is an unfinished piece. It's smooth-flowing, though structurally confusing. It also doesn't help that hip-hop is one of my least favorite genres, but I can assure you that I've been very careful not to take off any points solely because of that when I give you a 6.5 out of 10. Some interesting samples and ideas you got here, but I think they could be better organized a more interesting progression and melodic/harmonic development. Keep at it, anyhow, Mophead367. ;)



You've got some pretty sick sampling. I love the intro sample, it's got a really unique progression and the lo-fi feel of everything meshes really well. The offtime drum hits around :30 and some other places are a sick touch, helps to slow down the feel of the track to a really laidback groove. The crackling stereo sound is a really nice effect, gives it almost like a old radio/old mic feel. Love the atmosphere you've created man.

The subbass hits you use hit a bit too hard compared to the rest of your track - it almost makes my headphones vibrate. Might want to tone that down. The use of the vocal scratches as a transition to the vox hook is pretty nice. I feel like if you brought out the scratches even more, and gave them a bit of a polish master-wise, it would give it a really nice black-to-white transition from lo-fi to hi-fi between sections.

The chord sample doesn't quite mesh too well with your vox hook. I would have tried something else - the dissonance isn't bad, but definitely could have been arranged better here. When you later the voice scratches with the vox hook in the section before 3:00, it's a pretty nice effect but I would have liked more variation in scratching and glitching - it gets a bit repetitive.

The sounds you use at 3:00 for the descending chord progression is a pretty abrupt change up. I like it. I'm getting a really strong Nujabes feel from your style of sampling. Keep it up man and you'll go places.

Now the reasons I didn't give it a 5: mixdown and original elements. I love sampling even though I don't use it, and Nujabes and Fat Jon etc etc are some of the best artists around (RIP Nujabes). Your mix, even if it's lo-fi, doesn't mean you skimp on EQing and balancing. You have to carefully consider how you want to contrast your original elements (the scratches?) with the lo-fi sampled elements, which you did a decent job at, but it wasn't at the point where I felt that jarring contrast that gives Nujabes-esque beats their out-of-time, chill laidback feel. Original elements: you know what I mean. You gotta have your own content in it, even if it's all samples manipulation. I'm not saying you didn't - but you sure didn't make it obvious. Try hard to incorporate your own production into your sample arrangement and manipulation and you'll have a much more unique product.

All in all, nice work. I really enjoyed it and I hope you keep it up. Good luck in the comp - you've got one of the most unique submissions along with the guy who submitted trap. :) Cheers!

NGAUC Knock-out Round Review

Dope as a motherfucker, Ima have to freestyle over this haha

LiberalShimmering responds:

Be sure to put it up here so I can add it to the album this is going on! :D

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Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2014
1:59 AM EDT
Hip Hop - Olskool
File Info
8.7 MB
3 min 49 sec

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