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Author Comments

This was sort an experiment of ways i could use the guitar to create an ambient atmosphere then at some point i decided to add some virtual instruments to make it more musical.


I appreciate the spirit of experimentation and I love what you did with the guitars.
the production is descent however this this sounds like a prelude to something.

And the whole song feels like a big build that lead to no climax instead to what it seems another build up.

Im not sure why you went with cinematic although there is nothing wrong with broadening your horizons. But if I may say in a competition its always better to go with what you know and what you do best.

Anyway its still a wonderful atmospheric piece and I love what you did with the guitars her

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I love the emotion and mood at the beginning, and the instruments compliment it well. I like the distorted synths that come in around :30. This is very different from your last piece - so ominous! :O It definitely has a good cinematic/climactic vibe to it, and the strings were a nice touch at 1:15. The effects you throw in there around 1:40 were well done as well. Unfortunately, this didn't really feel like a complete piece to me. The fade-out ending was kind of lazy and uncreative, and right when I felt like it was going to hit this huge climax, there was a crash and it got all furtive again (that occurred at 1:30 AND the ending, btw). I think this piece is a good start, maybe even a great start, but I felt like you could've taken more risks with it. As it is, there's not enough contrast for it to live up to its potential as an epic cinematic track. This is a good start, though. Keep it up, 8-bitheroes! ;D



So around :30 when the chords come in with the... bubbly pipe sound things. That's when things start getting really interesting. Before that, I had difficulty pinpointing anything I could easily associate with your track. That pipe sound really was what kept me listening throughout the two minutes. There's an echo-y pianoish note hit in the background every four or so? I really like that, and overall, your reverb and delay effects are well worked in your mix. Drums are nicely introduced and kept things flowing, although I would have liked some more variety in drum patterns. The reverse crash cymbal for transitions could use more delayed reverb, considering you're going for a more natural, spacey atmosphere. However, in general, no major complaints about mixdown or your synthing and arrangement.

Honestly though, it did get a bit repetitive towards the end. I know that this is a cinematic piece, so that comes with the nature of listening to it without the video medium, but I would have liked some more melodic elements to the track as a whole to help keep it memorable. The layering over time is a classic cinematic buildup, but sometimes the reverb on the background pads and ambience becomes a little overwhelming and the chords blend a bit, although it isn't exactly a bad thing. I do like the chord progression though.

Whoa wait... is that super delayed reverb guitar in the background? I just noticed halfway though listening again... that's a really cool way of doing background ambience. I like your innovation in applying your synths, but you need to work on wrapping them up in a more appealing package with a melody of sorts to complement your interesting chord progression. A violin lead might have sufficed, or piano, or something.

The electronic instruments actually worked out okay with your strings and drums, but I would try to push them further down into the mix and leave the ambient as the focal point of your track. All in all, you got my attention with some interesting sounds and sound usage!

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8-bitheroes responds:

Many thanks for your feedback. The majority of the ambience is just guitar believe it or not :) I agree with that it gets repetitive but I did want to try keep it simple, so it was tricky to strike a balance. I think I may try adding a delay to the reverse cymbal, good idea!

That is an interesting atmosphere. I like it. The virtual instruments don't really blend in with the ambient atmosphere, though. I think they are too dry.

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4.12 / 5.00

Aug 19, 2014
6:24 AM EDT
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