Junkman Jam

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Hello listener! You are about to plunge into a city where an escaped robot project, codenamed "DESTRUCTO", is obliterating everything in it's sight. People are dissolved or crushed, homes are in ruin, and DESTRUCTO shows no sign of stopping!

There is only one hope: The insane junkyard owner at the end of town. The Junkman.

Now listen to the Junkman. Leave it all up to him. But will it be enough to end the destruction devil himself? Or is the entire city doomed to the mercy of DESTRUCTO?


(And try to guess which artist was an influence on me for this song. I'm in the mood to play a game.)

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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
This has a really prominant theme that works well to its favour but I feel that you lose a bit of that umph in the execution of the track.
Mix/performance: 6/10
I think the theme of the song benefited well from the raw sound it has, the hard-biting guitar and distorted vocals marry well and give it a definite... "something". I don't know, it just fits. Having said that, it falls flat in terms of clarity (I can't understand the vocals at all) and the guitar playing is pretty inaccurate. It also lacked depth, for example a bass guitar would have been welcome and would have pulled the whole thing together more, even if it wasn't super deep.
Composition: 8/10
Like I said, a definite theme throughout that is complimented by the style of guitar riffs. It reminds me somewhat of Iron Man (Black Sabbath), is that intentional? I found it quite interesting, varied and daaamn digging that bluesy feel to the guitars.
Overall a really cool song!

7/10 total, great stuff! Would Junkman Jam again!

BrainLight responds:

Thanks for the response, brother. Overall I'm glad you enjoyed the track so I have no complants.

I was not inspired by Black Sabbath but I probably should have been. I like my metal a bit on the slow side.

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Whoa. I'm not exactly sure what to think of this! Undeniably catchy guitar riffs, a fairly slow/laid-back pace with fitting percussion, and then the craziest announcer voice that you could possibly imagine. If there's one thing that this track has, it's character. The voice acting is pretty damn good and does a great job of conveying the insane but oddly confident and enthusiastic junkyard owner, and man, the the tone of this track is so gritty. The guitar sounds almost like it's struggling to stay in pitch and the voice sounds like it's being spoken through a cheap megaphone echoing throughout a deserted junkyard. This kind of rough and gritty approach gives the track huge amounts of nerve and personality, making sure to leave a mark in anyone's head.

Like I said to Braiton, however, I think your production needs work. I was pretty torn about this because I kept asking myself - would a clearer mix hurt the junky, gritty nature of this track? Ultimately, however, I feel like the fact that the mix isn't clearer is simply hurting the listening experience. It is certainly possible to keep that rough tone in your track while doing things like making the drums more upfront and punchy, balancing the mix out so there's less mids and more bass, and making it such that you can actually understand most of the lyrics! I would suggest listening to the soundtrack of the old PS2 game Metal Arms, mainly this one - http://goo.gl/1Z2Jgd - to get an idea of how to nail the balance between both a rough tone and a clear mix. Also, on a composition-related complaint, The riff you introduce at 0:39 is GREAT but you really rely on it too much, and in a track where the only other elements are vocals that are impossible to understand and subdued/distant drums, you needed to add more variety to that guitar outside the (pretty sweet, I might add) solos.

I don't think you can quite get away with making something so obscure and unique without having better production to justify it, but there's no denying that this track has bucketloads of personality. Good job.

SCORE: 7.8/10

BrainLight responds:

Thank you for reviewing. I'm very glad you liked it dispite the mixing issues. In the end, I'd rather have someone like the music more than they like the mix so this was a great compliment.

But it was damn hard to not muddy up the track while trying to bring up those drums. Recordings were not the best.

Holy, this is awesome! What a riff! What a solo! Catchy as heck! Where did you even come from???

BrainLight responds:

I've lurked on this site for too long without posting a creation. Now's my time to bring back the ancient art of headbanging music and to rock your damned faces off with my terrible music.

Stay tuned and be prepaired for the ride of your life.

Whoah, great job! This track is pretty awesome :D
I too think it's quite unique XD
Good luck in the contest!

BrainLight responds:

Thanks for the review and support, friend. I am to entertain.

Too unique. This track is garbage. Get it? Heeeeh? :)

BrainLight responds:

HOW DARE YOU thank you for the response, budyah. Stay tuned for the next installment.

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Aug 18, 2014
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