Shapeshifter 2 (NGADM)

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So, a week ago I found out that I had passed in the audition round in the Newgrounds Audio Deathmatch, 2014. I was kind of surprised that I passed with Entrapment (a song that I published a few months ago), since the mix was pretty crappy, in my opinion.

Oh well, here I am anyways, and I'm facing a pretty tough challenge since the three artists (Dexarson, TetratonMusic, and SolarexMusic) I'm competing against are pretty... freaking... cool.

Wish me luck!
The new version has a bunch of fun features. Compare this with the old submission and you might notice a few grand changes in both mix and musical structure.
0:00 - Intro
0:53 - Verse
2:21 - Break
3:20 - Bridge or something
4:20 (huehuehuehue) - Outro

This is the story of a lonesome spirit who has wandered purposelessly across endless landscapes for as long as he could remember. His journey had become so massive and exhausting that his rememberance slowly died away.

In search of lost memories, he sacrifices both body and soul to achieve his dreams of overcoming his forgetfulness.

The song itself is supposed to resemble the transformation of the spirit.

Take care!


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This is a NGADM Round 1 Review!
Step summed this up quite well in his intro statement. This is a classic example of some good ideas but your apparent lack of experience doesn't do you any favours.
It feels quite haphazard to me, like you took a preset drum sound that, in the end, didn't really match the song's style, but stuck with it anyway.
Also the heavier dub-step-y section doesn't fit in so well, the lead synth feels completely out of place. You could fix this partly by adding an "attack" or "pluck" sound to that synth, perhaps, and then EQing the rest of it in a different way. Also the piano intro/outro doesn't meld well with the rest. If you want to mix styles like that you really need to make sure your transitions are solid and the kinds of sounds you use match to some extent (through mixing).
Other than that it's a decent mix, nothing inherently "wrong", but you could improve it by paying more attention to the details.

Like I said, quite a few nice ideas. The piano in the intro and outro is good, moody and sets a certain mood that you managed to keep to throughout, good job on that! You also wrote some nice melodies for this piece.
I really feel like the drums in this are unnecessary at times and could have been used to accentuate the other sections instead of playing the role they play right now, being the instrument that holds it together. For example, around 2:50 ish, that works better, it allows the two sections to sound distinct and yet flows well.

Nice work on your track and I hope you continue to make progress!

This is an NGADM Round 1 Review.


Now this, to me, is a perfect example of fantastic ideas but not enough production skills (yet) to execute them correctly. I'm going to start by saying that your approach towards this track is interestingly structured. The fact that you added that section in your author's comments for the "lazy listener" is a testament to the thought you put into the structure, and it shows. This track is wonderfully structured, with a great, gradual intro, and ever so classic buildup into the even more classic WUBWUBWUBWUBWUB parts, as you so eloquently put it. There are some hugely enjoyable ideas here, such as the spectacular intro and outro, incredibly good transition at 0:52 to kick things into full gear, 1:06's addictive little guiro(?) sound and the melodies that all in all flow well and sound great, especially those played by the piano.

However, I was very much unimpressed by your production value. I wouldn't call it bad by any means, but simply lacking. For starters, the track is far too quiet - I had to turn my volume up pretty significantly, only to turn it down again in a rush when I started hearing the bassy intro of the submission after yours, lest my subwoofer explodes. I peeked at the waveform and my suspicions were confirmed; there's a lot of unused headroom. On top of that, your track sounds significantly empty when the drums kick in, and even more so when the bass drops or during the bridge, largely due to the sounds you're using being mostly thin. In fact, none of your sounds are particularly good, with the exception of the piano and some of the drums (although the drums themselves are pretty unfitting during the softer sections anyway).

This feels like it's still bursting with potential. In the end, it's still a fun track with some excellent ideas! I decided to give you a 4.1/10, but after seeing what time your outro starts, I gave you + 4.20 bonus points because blaze it.

SCORE: 8.3/10

very nice melody, the drop could have used a bit of depth, but thats most likely just me, its a nice melodic piece, great job ! best of luck in the NGADM'14
- Pandasticality

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Aug 18, 2014
10:14 PM EDT
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